What did teens spend money on in the 50s?

What did teens spend money on in the 50s?

Teens responded by spending their money on Coca-Cola, M&Ms, and all the other products commercials sold to them — and by influencing their parents’ spending habits.

How was math taught in the 1950s?

In the 11th and 12th grades, in the larger high schools of 1950, there were classes called “advanced algebra”, “solid geometry” and “trigonometry.” Though this much mathematics was never a requirement for admission to a university, “college preparatory” students who intended science or engineering careers would take …

What do you call the writings found on a paper pad after the top sheet has been removed?

Indented writing

How do I become a signature analyst?

In order to become a Graphologist, you must acquire theoretical and practical knowledge that will be based in psychology, psychiatry, history of writing, neuroscience, graphology, along with its branches like Graphopathology, Graphotherapy, among others.

What is a signature expert called?

Someone who analyzes handwriting for personality traits is called a graphologist. Other experts study handwriting to aid in verifying the authenticity of a document, AAHA explains. This branch of handwriting analysis is called document examination, and the specialist is a document examiner, rather than a graphologist.

What does fish stand for in forensics?

Forensic Information System for Handwriting (FISH)

What is forensic information system for handwriting?

Forensic handwriting analysis is about comparing two or more documents and determining within a reasonable degree of certainty that the same person wrote them or that different people wrote them.

What can affect a person’s handwriting?

Mechanical factors affect handwriting. These include the writing instru- ment, the quality of the paper and the writing surface, and the position of the writer when writing. It makes a difference whether the writer is standing, sitting, or trying to write under adverse conditions. Poor lighting can also affect writing.

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