What does piety means in the Bible?

What does piety means in the Bible?

noun, plural pi·e·ties. reverence for God or devout fulfillment of religious obligations: a prayer full of piety. the quality or state of being pious: saintly piety. dutiful respect or regard for parents, homeland, etc.: filial piety.

What is another word for piety?

Some common synonyms of piety are allegiance, devotion, fealty, fidelity, and loyalty.

How do you use piety in a sentence?

Piety in a Sentence ?

  1. The millionaire’s act of piety was a huge donation that allowed the church to build homes for five needy families.
  2. Looking at the mural of Jesus inspired me to think more about living a life of piety.

What is another word for pious?

Pious Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for pious?

religious devout
godly holy
saintly dedicated
devoted spiritual
reverent righteous

What is a pious man?

If someone is deeply religious and visibly follows all the moral and ethical codes of his religion, he is pious. Don’t become a priest if you’re not prepared to live a pious life. Pious comes from the Latin pius, which means dutiful. It doesn’t always have to be used to talk about organized religion.

What does pious mean in English?

1a : marked by or showing reverence for deity and devotion to divine worship. b : marked by conspicuous religiosity a hypocrite—a thing all pious words and uncharitable deeds— Charles Reade. 2 : sacred or devotional as distinct from the profane or secular : religious a pious opinion.

Does an abyss have a bottom?

Abyss comes from Greek: a- “without” + byssos, “depth, bottom.” You may know the related adjective abysmal, which means “appallingly bad” — or “way down in the depths,” as it were.

What does moral abyss mean?

a place with no morals

What is the abyss where is it found?

The abyssal zone or abyssopelagic zone is a layer of the pelagic zone of the ocean. “Abyss” derives from the Greek word ἄβυσσος, meaning bottomless. At depths of 3,000 to 6,000 metres (9,800 to 19,700 ft), this zone remains in perpetual darkness.

How do I get an abyss shriek?

The Abyss: First, make sure you have the Howling Wraiths spell. Once you have the spell, head over to the bottom left of The Abyss, stand on the pedestal inside the room, activate Howling Wraiths and a short animation will trigger – doing this will allow you to obtain Abyss Shriek.

What is the meaning of bottomless pit in the Bible?

Bottomless pit (Bible), a place where demons are imprisoned.

What does the Bible say about Tartarus?

New Testament The ESV is one of several English versions that gives the Greek reading Tartarus as a footnote: “For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell [1] and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment;”

Are there any bottomless pits?

It’s true that there are plenty of deep holes that exist, but none are truly bottomless. In reality, even the deepest ones have never penetrated all the way down below the Earth’s crust. To get something deeper, we’ll have to use our imagination.

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