How to Create a Study Schedule

We’re now half way through the term and deadlines are probably about to start creeping up. If you hadn’t already, It’s about the right time to develop a study schedule. Not sure where to start? Use these simple tips to help create a study schedule that will last throughout the year… Developing a study schedule […]

The Very Best Revision Apps

Bored with the same old revision techniques? Wish you could be sitting outside in the sun instead of being cooped up in the library with your highlighter? Trying a new revision app could be the answer to both of these questions! Here are the Study Blog’s top three revision apps for this summer… In light […]

What I Wish I Would Have Known

No amount of advice for returning to University is too much – here’s how to make the most out of your second term!… Going into my penultimate term of final year, I often find myself somewhat nostalgic about earlier terms. This article is meant for freshers, first years – who’ll likely be feeling a little […]

How to get ahead this summer without actually studying

Is concern creeping in regarding an unproductive summer, but you’re not quite ready to get into the academic swing? Here are some suggestions on filling your time productively, without having to hit the books… by Laura Primiceri Perhaps your summer currently looks like a long, uninterrupted stretch of freedom – one that gives you an […]

Kirby Corner: What have you achieved this year?

Another academic year over – let’s take a look at what you’ve achieved!  The final Kirby Corner of 2017 gave you an opportunity to look back on your year and take pride in your progress and what you’ve achieved. Ranging from developing cooking skills to a student-run investment portfolio, there was so much to be […]

Mastering the art of outdoor study

I’m not going to pretend that studying outdoors is anyway near as fun as sunbathing or having a barbeque. However, this post will provide you with the inspiration you need to leave the restraints of your desk and successfully master the art of outdoor studying, ensuring that as the temperatures soar you manage to keep […]

Mindfulness in the Library, or wherever you happen to be

Rest periods are proven to improve your study and wellbeing. Here’s a tempting activity for today’s #studyhappy Library break… Sometimes student life can be so overwhelming that it feels like there’s hardly time to breathe, let alone pay attention to our breath. Take a break and try out mindfulness to ease any anxiety…By Eric Baron.   First, […]

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