Best Mental Health Apps to Use In 2022

Mental health is becoming the keyword of the decade. From pondering on our work desk to being stuck at home, we have seen it all. Battling through daily routines and witnessing real wars, we have seen the world going through a political shift. Adding the daily stress of work, some financial issues in a dwindling […]

5 Chess Books Every Chess Player Should Read

Many professional chess players have written books about playing chess. While this is beneficial to the chess community, it does make it hard to choose between them. Many chess players have favorite books, but where do you begin? The answer is here with our list of the top five classic chess books that every chess […]

What Type of Learner Are You?

Many people come to university and realise that the way they used to learn new information in school just does not seem to be efficient at university. It can be a difficult transition and it can seem like you’re starting from square one again. However, knowing the different types of learner you may be can […]

Software and study… at home

The Library may not be open physically, but we are certainly here digitally to support you all. Working from home can be challenging, but there is lots of support and software available to ease the transition. A ‘hold’ on print books. Whilst we can’t access the physical library, we need to be maximising the use […]

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