UAE Labour Law 2022 for the Employees

Employment related problems are the part of employment and employer-employee relationship. Sometimes it is changed to a serious dispute and sometimes it is changed to a very serious level. When it is converted in to a serious level them either party or both parties hire the Labour and Employment Lawyers for getting a suitable justice from Court. This justice is issued in form of a verdict which has an authority. For example, as per New Labour Law UAE 2022, if employee has to move to a new company then he has serve a notice period of 1 Month and the new employer has to pay the VISA cost to previous employer. This is as per the New UAE Labour Law. If such policies are not practiced or followed then it means employer has right to sue employee and sometimes the new employer as well, who is trying to create the real issue.

Now Limited and Unlimited Contracts have been finished. Now there is just one which is 3 Months Limited Contract. To be introduced with any kind of Law, one has to be agreed with UAE Labour Law Advocates and Legal Consultants. For example The Best Employment Lawyers in Dubai are Ask The Law Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants.

Actions that Support the Employee Narrative

Employment-related issues are bound to occur during any employee’s job tenure. The way the employee reacts to it or how he deals with the aftermath of it decides the outcome of it. It is important for every candidate who seeks a job or is currently employed, to be aware of the scheme of action in case he faces an issue at work. The first step for him should be to approach the concerned department in the company, to inform them about the problem faced by him. It is necessary to lodge an official complaint to highlight the injustice done against him within the premises of the organization.


The organization is responsible for the security, and welfare of all the employed entities working in it. Any action of an individual that jeopardizes the security, safety, sanity, and welfare of the employees, should be held accountable for his infringements by the organization. Hence, the victimized employee needs to approach the organizational system of accountability before contacting renowned Labour and Employment Lawyers.


Moreover, it adds to the claims of the employee if he takes up his issue with the company authorities first before going on a legal endeavour for addressing his matters of concern. It shows that he has a genuine cause of complaint that is adversely affecting his mental peace, physical well-being, their personal life, as well as his hard-built career.


However, if the concerned department in an organization fails to respond effectively to the employee’s complaint, or brushes off the matter altogether, it calls for legal action on part of the victim. Furthermore, this careless, and irresponsible attitude of the company in question accounts for a reprimand in the court of law. Besides this, it adds a point to the employee’s stance and lends indirect support to his side of the story. Hence, the jury can weigh his narrative more clearly than the perpetrators who failed to curb the human rights violation in their capacities. Labor and employment lawyers become the legal representatives of both parties embroiled in a legal fight.

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