Power Pose Your Way to Exam Triumph

Want to know Wonder Woman’s secrets? Need a bit of Superman attitude for your next exam? Two minutes of power posing could do the trick…By Carina Hart So what is power posing? Social scientist Amy Cuddy gave this fantastic TED Talk in 2012, in which she describes her research into how your body language affects not […]

Importance Of Soft Skills For Your Organization

Soft skills are important and useful in our personal as well as professional lives. It helps us in developing strong leadership, delegation, teamwork, and communication abilities. It helps you to run the projects more smoothly and delivers satisfying and appreciated results. In fact, improving soft skills in your professional life can even positively influence your […]

How do you cite a ResearchGate paper?

How do you cite a ResearchGate paper? In the references, fill in the author, date, and title (if these exist) similar to a standard citation for a scientific paper, followed by the link shown by ResearchGate to the specific entry. How do I cite a comment on a website? To indicate that you are citing […]

What is a theoretical research?

What is a theoretical research? Theoretical research is a logical exploration of a system of beliefs and assumptions. This type of research includes theorizing or defining how a cyber system and its environment behave and then exploring or playing out the implications of how it is defined. What is a theoretical review in research? The […]

What does primary author mean?

What does primary author mean? What is a Primary Author? Edit. A Primary Author of a particular book is essentially a single active contributor to that book, who makes the vast majority of all substantive contributions to the book, and who has almost unilateral control over the book so long as they remain the primary […]

How do you write an observational study?

How do you write an observational study? Introduce the question. Try to be concise and stay focused on your question. Discuss relevant research. Describe research that addressed the question that you are looking at. Introduce your study. Briefly state what your question is and how you will investigate it. What are the 3 types of […]

What does future research mean?

What does future research mean? Futures research can be defined as a systematic study of possible future events and circumstances. Futures research is different from forecasting in a way that the former has a forward orientation and looks ahead, rather that backwards, and is not as mathematical as forecasting. What is the future of scientific […]

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