Fold your way to relaxation

Rest periods are proven to improve your study and wellbeing. Here’s a tempting activity for today’s #studyhappy Library break… Calling all stressed students (and procrastinators): origami is officially the best form of five-minute relaxation in the world. When your essay is swimming in front of you like an inky soup, or you realise that you’ve been reading […]

Top 10 tips to avoid plagiarism

Pre-article mythbusters… It’s ok to pass someone else’s work for your own as long as this doesn’t exceed 10% of your assignment. It makes you sound clever if you pass an academic’s work off as your own.  My tutor wants to know how many authoritative sources I’ve read, not what I think of them… Tracy Dix […]

Why is the demand for water increasing?

Why is the demand for water increasing? The main reason for the growth in demand for water is because of population growth. With increased wealth comes increased water demand. This is not only as a result of increased agriculture and industrial demand but also through domestic demand, much of which is virtual water that stays […]

How much does a JD 350 dozer weigh?

How much does a JD 350 dozer weigh? The JD 350 dozer is equipped with a clutch-brake steering system, contracting band brakes, open operator station, and 83.3 liters (22 US gal.; 18.3 Imp….John Deere 350 Specifications. General Specifications Model John Deere 350 Weight (shiping) Gas: 3,550 kg (7,825 lbs) Diesel: 3,580 kg (7,895 lbs) How […]

How is mechanical pressure calculated?

How is mechanical pressure calculated? A pressure gauge can be used as a thermometer. By connecting a bulb with a specific volume of gas to the measuring element, a Bourdon tube gauge will function as a thermometer. A pressure gauge can be a Flow Meter! The flow rate through any pump can be determined. What […]

What is West Palm Beach known for?

What is West Palm Beach known for? The pulse of The Palm Beaches With tropical energy pulsing through its palm-lined streets, West Palm Beach is a hub of nightlife, entertainment, cultural attractions and recreation in The Palm Beaches. Start your adventure in the vibrant neighborhoods of downtown West Palm Beach. How far is West Palm […]

Will Roe vs Wade be overturned?

Will Roe vs Wade be overturned? “The Supreme Court just agreed to review an abortion ban that unquestionably violates nearly 50 years of Supreme Court precedent and is a test case to overturn Roe v. Wade.” Why is Roe v Wade unconstitutional? In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that states laws which made it […]

Does Keith Love Natalie?

Does Keith Love Natalie? Keith finally expresses his true feelings for Natalie, and Natalie tells Keith that she wants to be with him despite what the future holds for him. They kiss and the camera pans out. The film then cuts to when Natalie graduates; Keith has presumably died, and Natalie has adopted many of […]

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