Celebrating Black History @ the MRC

The Modern Records Centre has a wealth of relevant and engaging archive resources. Read more about how we’ve got involved with Black history month… Every October in Britain, we make a special effort to celebrate the contributions that people of African descent have made to British society, contributions so often ignored and excluded from dominant narratives. […]

Dissertation troubles: digital solutions?

As with everything these days, where there’s a need, there’s an app. The same applies for managing your dissertation; let’s take a look at what’s on offer… by Karina Beck I’m a believer that finding the apps or software packages which suit your style of working is a matter of personal preference, so rather than […]

How do you cite a medical journal?

How do you cite a medical journal? The basics of a Reference List entry for a journal article: Author or authors. The surname is followed by first initials. Year of publication of the article. Article title (in single inverted commas). Journal title (in italics). Volume of journal. Issue number of journal. Page range of article. […]

What are 3 examples of homeostasis?

What are 3 examples of homeostasis? Other Examples of Homeostasis Blood glucose homeostasis. Blood oxygen content homeostasis. Extracellular fluid pH homeostasis. Plasma ionized calcium homeostasis. Arterial blood pressure homeostasis. Core body temperature homeostasis. The volume of body water homeostasis. Extracellular sodium concentration homeostasis. What are 5 examples of homeostasis? 1 Answer Temperature. The body must […]

How do you explain inception?

How do you explain inception? Inception: The practice of entering dreams and planting an idea in someone’s head. Normally Cobb and his team only invade dreams to steal secrets and they aren’t sure if Inception is really possible. The Architect: The person who constructs the dream world inside the mind of the Dreamer. Is Cobb […]

What is an assessment verb?

What is an assessment verb? assess. (transitive) To determine, estimate or judge the value of; to evaluate. (transitive) To impose or charge, especially as punishment for an infraction. (transitive) To calculate and demand (the tax money due) from a person or entity. Is assessed a verb? The verb assess has the general meaning of determining […]

How can I be a good doctor?

How can I be a good doctor? 7 Qualities the best doctors have in common Good doctors are good communicators. Good doctors are organized and conscientious. Good doctors make patients feel cared for. Good doctors are curious. Good doctors work together to support patients. Good doctors advocate for their patients. Good doctors have great bedside […]

What are some fairy tale stories?

What are some fairy tale stories? Here are some short fairy tale stories to share with your children: Cinderella. Advertisement. Beauty and the Beast. Sleeping Beauty. Rapunzel. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Little Mermaid. Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Princess and the Pea. How do fairy tales start? It usually begins with […]

What are some problems with the Affordable Care Act?

What are some problems with the Affordable Care Act? Cons Many people have to pay higher premiums. You can be fined if you don’t have insurance. Taxes are going up as a result of the ACA. It’s best to be prepared for enrollment day. Businesses are cutting employee hours to avoid covering employees. How did […]

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