Mindfulness: the Student Edition

Yet another hipster fad? We beg to differ. Read more on how mindfulness practice can improve wellbeing and academic performance… What’s all the hype about? Mindfulness has recently gained popularity, but it existed long before magazines and colouring books. The mindfulness was initially grounded in Buddhism, but its secular form was embraced by clinical psychology […]

Library 101: Things I wish I had known…

SCONULDuring your first weeks at University, it feels like everyone is competing to fill your brain with information. It is all crucially important and gradually your head feels like it might implode. Here’s what our current users wish that they had known when they first started… A sense of panic sets in as you realise […]

The 6 stages of dissertation submission

It might feel a bit unbelievable but you’re nearly done. After twelve months of work, stress, essays, reports, all nighters in the library and more cups of coffee than are strictly healthy you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But the fun isn’t over quite yet – post dissertation hand-in can […]

Struggling to study: causes and solutions

You’ve got your books, your laptop, pens, paper and highlighters. You’ve got your imminent deadline, and steadily growing worry to hone it. But you just can’t seem to get in the zone and start working. What is the missing piece of this productivity puzzle? … By Laura Primiceri We’ve all been there. Sitting down at […]

Here’s how not to do your dissertation

Retrospect can be great for self-improvement but for me it is only an unkind reminder of all the things I did wrong whilst writing my dissertation. So someone may as well benefit from my mistakes and that someone may as well be you…By Nuala Clarke Here’s how not to do your dissertation: Don’t just do […]

A year in the Learning Grid Rootes

At the end of Week 9, Learning Grid Rootes closed its doors for the summer. I’ve spent one year working there as a Student Adviser (that’s us in the blue shirts), and I’ve seen some things – including ukuleles. Here’s a look back at Learning Grid Rootes’ first year in service! …By Charlotte Salter What’s […]

Was Twilight supposed to be fairies?

Was Twilight supposed to be fairies? In particular, the saga’s vampire lore and other mythology have been reviled for their inconsistencies, which has led to many fans creating theories of their own to explain these holes. One theory suggests the vampires in Twilight are actually another creature altogether: Faeries. Are the vampires in Twilight fairies? […]

Can Pip boys come off?

Can Pip boys come off? Your Pip-Boy’s the best friend you’ll ever have! Besides, you can’t get it off. Biometric seals et cetera. What pip-boy is in Fallout 3? Pip-Boy 3000 Is the Pip-Boy app still available? The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy app has been removed from the Google Play Store due to incompatibilities with current […]

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