Beyond academic writing

If you’re a Postgraduate Student at Warwick, you’re probably familiar with the woes and delights of academic writing, but there are other writing opportunities at the University of Warwick that you may be interested in exploring… During Welcome Week, the Library hosted a Creative and Blogging Workshop in support of the PG Community Engagement Team […]

New to Warwick? Navigate your way with the Library

Bubble or not, when you’re new to Warwick, the campus can be pretty daunting… There’s the brief flood of panic when you nonchalantly accept a 10am Chemistry block rendezvous, before realising you have no idea where the Chemistry block is. And when you finally twig you’ve been walking in the wrong direction for 10 minutes, […]

Are spearguns illegal?

Are spearguns illegal? Spearfishers in NSW are required to pay the NSW recreational fishing fee. Please note: All inland waters are closed to spearfishing as well as various areas along the coast. Is a spear used to catch fish? While we’ve come a long way from spears that were traditionally used by fishermen back in […]

What does the title of Pride and Prejudice mean?

What does the title of Pride and Prejudice mean? The society that Jane Austen presents in Pride & Prejudice is concerned with reputation and appearance. First written in 1797 under the title First Impressions, it was later revised and published as Pride and Prejudice in 1813. On the other hand, Darcy is proud of his […]

What is the role of an events manager?

What is the role of an events manager? Events managers are responsible for organising and running all kinds of promotional, business and social events. They control the whole project, from planning at the start to running the event on the day. This job would normally include: discussing what the client wants. What are the five […]

What subjects do I need to be an electrician?

What subjects do I need to be an electrician? Related subjects Computer science. Design technology. Maths. Physics. How do I become an electrician in high school? High School Diploma or Equivalent Math fundamentals. In most states, you must take and pass at least one year of high school algebra to become an electrician. Physical science. […]

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