Beyond academic writing

If you’re a Postgraduate Student at Warwick, you’re probably familiar with the woes and delights of academic writing, but there are other writing opportunities at the University of Warwick that you may be interested in exploring… During Welcome Week, the Library hosted a Creative and Blogging Workshop in support of the PG Community Engagement Team […]

New to Warwick? Navigate your way with the Library

Bubble or not, when you’re new to Warwick, the campus can be pretty daunting… There’s the brief flood of panic when you nonchalantly accept a 10am Chemistry block rendezvous, before realising you have no idea where the Chemistry block is. And when you finally twig you’ve been walking in the wrong direction for 10 minutes, […]

Is egg salad good after 5 days?

Is egg salad good after 5 days? According to the USDA, you might have a little more time to finish egg salad than you may think. If the egg salad has been properly stored—in a sealed container in the refrigerator—it is safe to eat it within five days. How long does egg salad stay good […]

How do we get rid of hurricanes?

How do we get rid of hurricanes? Email Drop giant ice cubes or dry ice in the eye: Some people think that hurricanes, which are fueled by heat, could be destroyed by simply dropping ice into the eye of the storm. Nuclear bombs: One of the most popular ideas is to drop a nuclear bomb […]

How big is the forestry industry in Canada?

How big is the forestry industry in Canada? Forestry is a major industry in Canada, contributing over $24.6 billion in GDP to the economy in 2017. In the same year, over 209,940 people were directly employed by the forestry industry, contributing 1.1 percent of total employment. What percentage does Canada supply the world with lumber? […]

When was the Four Wheeler invented?

When was the Four Wheeler invented? The first ATV as we know it emerged as a 3-wheeler. The Sperry-Rand Tricart was designed in 1967 and manufactured in 1968. However, it was the Honda ATC that made 3-wheelers a household name and set the path for today’s ATV. In 1970, Honda introduced their US90 or ATC90 […]

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