24-hour Library: Going nocturnal? What’s your study spirit animal?

With Planet Earth II hitting our screens, here’s our obligatory post relating your study styles to wild animals, as a little tip of our hat to Sir David Attenborough. Well, it’d be rude not to…

As you are hopefully aware of by now, the Library has gone 24 hours! Which means that the Library is enjoying the good company of you late-night/early-morning studiers. Ears burning? Well, if you’re rather partial to late night essay-session then read on and find out which nocturnal animal most embodies your study habits…

The hamster

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The humble hamster, it may look small but it goes and goes throughout the night. On the proverbial hamster wheel of study, you run as fast as your tiny little legs can carry you, on and on until dawn. The hamster type will usually be working with a deadline in mind, motivating them to keep going. Oh, and they’re pretty good at loading up on the snacks. All of the snacks.

If you find yourself running in circles later at night, then you might need to give this a read.

The Grey Wolf

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The social studier, works better in a pack. If you find yourself rallying others to join you in an all-nighter, then you may well be a grey wolf. Lots of people work well when they have others to motivate them, bounce ideas off and collaborate with. Just make sure to choose your pack wisely or you may find yourself spending more time on face-swap than on your assignments.

The Owl

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The wise owl was too good a metaphor to pass up. Typically bookish and more often than not flying solo, the wise owl gets the job done. Using their keen vision, they can make full use of the Library’s resources, without wasting too much time searching for texts. The wise owl is the efficient late-night worker, only studying late because it suits they study-style, not because they’re behind on work.

Red Fox

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Cunning and crafty, the red fox knows the advantages of using the Library after dusk: taking their pick of seats; using the short loan and reference books, without the worry that someone else got in there first; and leisurely making the most of the peace and quiet – not much chance of being hunted down by lecturers for late assignments at this time of night!

Morning Bird

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Not quite nocturnal (although the early start might be considered to be nocturnal by those who don’t get up until 1pm…), we thought we’d include you folks who get to the Library bright and early to crack on with a morning of study. I’m not sure I’ll ever understand ‘morning’ people but I can be impressed by your sunny dispositions and perfect brain function at 6 o’clock in the morning. Keep singing your sweet songs!

So which of these best embodies your study style? Remember not to fight your study style, but understand and help yourself to work effectively overnight.

 Let us know which animal you are in the comments!

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Images: GIFs from giphy.com

Wolf/Jethro Taylor/CC BY-NC 2.0

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