7 Unique Boho Curtains to show off your Exoticism


Boho curtain styles soothe your own exotic craze rather than others. It is basically the choice of people who are more intuitive towards being colorful, cultural, and full of life. It is the aesthetic ground based on the modern sensibilities with a mix of impressive, nonchalant, and unusual décor. In short, Bohemian-style home décor gathers the old-world charm with an unusual and broad range of textures, patterns, and colors. The mix of a variety of colors and patterns is the main thing to fall in love with!

However, if you are going to have Boho Style curtains in your home for the first time, it can be difficult to decide for you. But no need to worry! As many websites e.g. Boho Curtain ideas are working on this… You just need to go and check different styles, themes, and ideas for your new homeworld. Here, we are also comforting your uneasiness of decision by providing 7 unique boho Curtain ideas and information about Boho styles, the best Boho colors, and how to buy them. So, let’s dive into the Boho world of colors, textures, and patterns together!

What resides under the Boho style?

The main definition of Boho style lies in a stance i.e. lack of structure. It doesn’t involve much sequential geometry and calls for the most exotic and carefree side of the decorator to step in into the unconventional world of patterns, colors and textures.

The people with love for different cultures are mostly fond of it. Such people get inspired by the Bohemian-style home décor because it descends from various cultures representing a unique blend of varying cultural patterns and colors. You can also opt for Boho style if wanna have a versatile and exceptional look!

Best colors in the basket of Boho theme

Boho colors mostly account for warm earthly colors as well as metallic or jewel tones that look classical. Boho makes the base with earthly colors and then gives a tint of bright ones on the top. You can imagine having greys, blues, browns, and greens as the ground topped with rich purples and bright oranges – the combo helping Boho style stand above all!

Don’t hesitate to go with an array of bold colors and patterns mix for colorful Boho curtains. The remarkable world of exoticism waits for you there!

The macramé or embroidered window ornaments in Boho style is the next-level choice. Boho curtains complement your exotic cravings in every color and manner whether it is for living spaces or your study room.

Pattern makes the difference more than colors when it comes to the uniqueness of Boho curtains. So, be conscious of the patterns! If you want to have more beautiful and quality choices, stick to the page till the end!

How to choose best Boho Curtains: Buying Guide


  1. Bold patterns will be appreciated more!

Bold and unique patterns sound great in Bohemian-style curtains. Large and more expressive patterns along with thick stripes and bold symbols can easily adorn your wall with a Boho theme. It will look chicer if the drapes fall on the floor – so, also consider the length of drapes while buying the Boho curtains.

  1. Don’t skip the check on the material

In living spaces and bedrooms, Boho Curtains made from lightweight or sheer fabric flow elegantly to enliven the window side. However, a little addition of tassels or colorful beads can smartly style the space.

Macramé can also be another beautiful and reasonable Boho style décor option allowing adequate light to enter the room along with enhancing the visual interest. If your drapes are of cotton or polyester material, they can act as perfect insulators.  However, a valance can add a spice of character to it!

The most versatile and classy Boho Curtains to go for:

1.      Boho Curtains with Tassels complementing your walls

Thought of going with long drapery for Boho styles shouldn’t stick your mind when we have the option of Tasseled Boho curtains. This style is heavily prominent with short length (36”) and chiffon viole fabric.

It comprises of white backdrop adorned with stitched thread lines of varying sized prints and black tassel fringes. A great addition to bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and Bathrooms!

2.      YoKii Boho Tassels Valances

These tassels valances are made for kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. The beautiful makeover option from the category of room darkening Boho curtain valances from the brand YoKii!

Boho Tassels Valance is characterized by classy fringe trims on the bottom along with a built-in pocket for rod-hanging. What hides more inside? With a super easy hanging facility, these tassel valances are more durable with subtle stitching on the corners. Other than that, along with darkening the room, it can block noise up to 25%.

3.      Lush Décor Ivy Tassel Window Curtain

Fashionable tassel curtains with a picturesque taste are able to add panache to your inner space. Tassels on the top terminals give a beautiful look, making it a perfect match for bedrooms and living rooms!

From the Lush Décor, these curtains are loved by toddlers and teenagers because of their faint ivy color.   Being ideal for both modern and traditional style homes, they consist of 90% polyester and 10% linen.

4.      Greenland Home Curtains

A product of Greenland Home is a combo of deep, rich gold and fuchsia tones – gives sharp contrast with the vivid pink and blue.

The best option to style your home décor with a bohemian theme and tribal spice! The set of the product consists of 4 pieces with two tiebacks and two washable panels.

5.      Ivory Nova Ruffle Window curtain from Lush Décor

A made-for option for dining room windows, bedrooms, and living rooms!

It is a frilly and stylish ivory curtain with rows of ruffling details. It descends from the category of modern décor and is made from 100% polyester. From the Lush Décor, these elegant white Boho curtains make an exclusive choice while being entirely covered with ruffle stripes.

6.      Lush Décor Reyna Window curtains

Made from 100% polyester, ruffle design, and cascading border!

It is a superior white boho curtain item from Lush Décor – a go for an option for modern or farmhouse window dressing. The whole panel is covered with ruffles and no lines allow adequate light to enter the room but still maintain your privacy.  Ruffle design makes these white boho curtains suitable for girls and women’s bedrooms.

7.      DriftAway Taylor Medallion Room Decorating Curtains

A piece of triple weaves construction & Moroccan Boho style curtains, thermally insulating and regulating the indoor temperature by smartly filtering the sunlight!

It consists of a floral print on the white background, which looks more prominent if hang on the white backdrop. From the DriftAway, they give a sophisticated look to your living room, dining room, and bedroom.

Wrapping Up:

So, the Boho curtain is the innovation of the new era which blends the colors, patterns, and textures from different cultures and backgrounds. These Boho curtains appeal mostly to the persons who exhibit a sense of exoticism. Mostly White Boho curtains are demandable in the public because of their classy look. You can also check for other options listed above on the page!

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