9 Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know about the Library

By now there might be a few things about the Library that you think you ought to know, but aren’t really sure about, and so you are a bit embarrassed to ask. We’re here to help you by sharing some information that will make your life a whole lot easier…

  1. We send out Courtesy emails to remind you to return or renew your Main Library books. Check your Warwick email on a daily basis. Avoid those fines!
  2. You may think you’ve secured that book loan for 2 weeks or more (Psst – Postgrads, let’s not tell the Undergrads you get to keep books for longer). But some other person can place a hold request and recall it from you. At least you get a week to return it. Then you can do it back to them!
  3. On your Library Account there’s a tab called Reading History. You won’t be disappointed to find out that this isn’t a history of the town of Reading, but the ability to see a list of the books which you’ve previously borrowed. So you can get beyond the “I’m sure it was blue, and I got it from a shelf somewhere on the 5th Floor.” You’ll be able to track down each useful book for that next essay or study session!
  4. Nobody wants to use the Short Loan copy really, do they? But sometimes it can be the only option. Plan ahead and book that item for a specific day via Library Search (formerly known as Encore).
  5. Library Search doesn’t just find books. It can uncover academic journal articles too. Make sure you use the Articles Tab – the clue is in the name.
  6. If the article you want has no full text attached, you can use the Article Reach service to try to get it from another library. The service is free. Gratis. Costs nothing. You’re welcome!
  7. Hopefully your reading list should be on the Talis Aspire system (on the front page of our website). If it isn’t there, tell your tutor. They can probably make it happen and save you plenty of time.
  8. If we don’t have the book you need, fill in a Book Suggestion Form, and before you can say “Bob’s your Uncle” we’ll order it for you!
  9. Talking of Bob, make sure you use BoB to view TV programmes from UK terrestrial channels. So, no Game of Thrones, but Jeremy Kyle…


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