5 Amazing Facts on How to Rewrite an Article

If you want to know how to rewrite an article, then you have landed in the right place and at the right time.

We would encourage you to read this post in detail, as in this article, we have listed some of the most important and amazing facts to help you understand more about rewriting an article.

First, you should know that article rewriting or paraphrasing is not as easy as it looks, and even the most professional writers can make silly mistakes while rewriting content.

If you are interested in learning how to rewrite an article correctly, you should certainly read this post till the very end.

What is article rewriting?

Article rewriting is the type of writing which involves using the already published content. The restating of words, phrases and sentences in one’s own words are rewriting or paraphrasing. You must know that in an article rewriting your content cannot match that of another person. You have to make sure that the rewritten version is free of plagiarism but still holds the original meaning and idea of the original post.

Article rewriting and paraphrasing is an art that can save you from the ugly accusation of plagiarism. You should also know that today you can easily rewrite articles by using online article spinner tools.

Basic Process of Article Rewriting!

As we have told you earlier, Article rewriting is not an easy technique that you can master overnight. If you want to know the basic process or outline of article rewriting, then we would suggest you read the points that we have mentioned below:

  • Start reading the original article. Read it three or four times to have a good understanding of what message it delivers.
  • Now you have to take down notes and write the key points in the original post.
  • After writing the points, you have to close the original post.
  • Start writing your new version without looking at the old one. If you take on the old version, then you are certainly going to commit plagiarism.
  • After finishing your draft, you have to compare it with the original post simply.
  • This comparison would help you see that you haven’t missed any key points and check whether you are committing plagiarism.
  • Edit the draft if you need to make it unique.

Now that you know the basic process of article rewriting, we would like you to know about some of the most interesting and amazing article rewriting facts you must be aware of!

Use of Article Spinner! (Pro Tip)

You might have heard of the article spinner or online paraphrasing tools. You must know that paraphrasing tools are online programs indexed on internet that can automatically rewrite articles in less than seconds. These  online article spinner tools use AI and advanced algorithms to understand the original idea of an input article and rewrite it into unique and friendly outputs. Because of the ease provided by these online article spinner tools, people today prefer them over manual rewriting. One of the best free article rewriter belongs to RewriteGuru.com!

5 Facts and tips about Paraphrasing Tool!

Here are some of the common facts that you should know about article rewriting:

You can change order of content to make the paraphrasing simpler

The first fact that you need to know about paraphrasing is to make it easy, and you have to change the overall structure of the post. You have to find a way to change the structure of the sentences by still not compromising the message and sense of it. Paraphrasing mainly involves the restructuring of complete passages, and so you should never settle for only rewording.

Changing words with synonyms is not paraphrasing 

A very important fact that you should know about paraphrasing is that it is not spinning of words. Usually, people think that changing words with synonyms would help them get rid of plagiarism, but you must know that this is a false concept. By rewording, you would only be making your draft look artificial. So never spin words until and unless you are rephrasing the sentences and passages.

Paraphrasing is repetition of ideas and not words

When you paraphrase or rewrite an article, you have to make sure that you focus on ideas instead of words or phrases used in the original post. You have to pick the original ideas and concepts from the post instead of picking original text.

Many people forget to compare their version

People make a very common mistake because they don’t compare their drafts with the original versions. This silly mistake can often result in the rejection of the new draft. Checking and comparing the content will help you add the points that you have missed or remove plagiarism from the content.

Citation is important in article rewriting 

People think that rewriting content in a different style can help them avoid plagiarism, but this is not true. Paraphrasing or article rewriting is also a type of plagiarism, and if you want to avoid plagiarism and its accusations, then you always have to ensure that you add citations and references in your draft!

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