An article. Theory of Sociality as Interaction

Un artículo. Teoría de la Socialidad como InteracciónThere will be more, I guess, to communicate in this blog the fact that the journal Tape of Moebio, dedicated to the issues of epistemology in the Social Sciences, published an article of my authorship. The title is something tinning, but you are going to do: Theory of sociality as interaction: towards a social analysis of naturalistic, universal, and interactional.

The summary:

This article defends and develops three basic assumptions that we believe are necessary for the deployment of social science. In the first place, that there is no opposition between the social and the natural; and that sociology studies a particular type of sociality (the one associated to the culture and consciousness) that is an integral part of a more global social. In the second place, that a theory of universal processes is possible and that she does not oppose, but helps to explain, the features that tend to argue against the very possibility of a general theory. In the third place, that the space from which unfolds this theory, and that allows you to dissolve some of the antinomies of traditional social thought, is the interaction.

The link to the file as such here.

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