Are Custom Essay Writing Services Legal and Safe?

Every student will eventually face the same challenge: an essay that has defeated them. Perhaps it’s a difficult paper that you don’t know how to research, or an assignment from an elective course that you don’t understand. Or, as is often the case, you’ve run out of time because of extracurricular, job, or family obligations. No matter what the reason, students just like you eventually will wonder if they should take the next step and pay someone to write a paper for them. However, only a subset of students take the leap. Why? Many students are afraid that getting the help they need can get them in trouble. In this article, we’ll examine whether paying professional academic writers can have negative consequences for your academic future so you can decide whether you want to find help for your next essay and whether professional essays are right for you.

Is It Legal to Buy a Custom Essay Online?

Before we get into the details, we should begin by addressing the big question: Is paying an online writer from a paper writing company legal? There are many students who are concerned that buying a paper online could send them to jail if they get caught. That’s not going to happen because it is legal to pay someone to write an essay to answer a prompt you provide. In most countries, writing essays is considered a form of free speech, and there are no restrictions on the topics writers can cover as long as their writing doesn’t violate copyright or sometimes obscenity laws. Therefore, paying someone to write papers for you is an expression of free speech. Because it is not illegal, you will face no legal consequences simply because you sought help on a challenging essay from a professional writer.

By the same token, when a writer creates an essay for you, the writer is not committing a crime by doing so. Writing is a protected form of expression, and a writer can write on any topic for payment. You might have heard some alarming things in news reports about the custom writing industry, but a custom essay writing service like SmartWritingService is not a criminal enterprise. They are safe and legal.

Handing in Someone Else’s Essay

Just because buying a paper is legal doesn’t mean that you can’t get in trouble for using someone else’s work in the wrong way. There are several ways that you could find yourself in hot water if you pay someone to write a paper for you. First, if you try to turn in the paper you bought as though it were your own work, you could get in big trouble because this is not permitted under most schools’ academic honesty policies. It is impermissible to use someone else’s work as your own. Schools believe that student essays must be the work of the student to earn academic credit. Therefore, you can’t just pay someone to write a paper and then hand it in for academic credit.

So, how should you use a purchased essay?

Let’s start at the beginning. You contact a paper writing service and buy a paper from them. They then send you a completed essay. This, however, is not the end of your essay-writing journey. Indeed, it is only the first step. Once you have a completed paper in your possession, you should use that as a guide to show you the right way to approach your own paper. Using it as a model can help you to develop a strong essay of your own, which you can then submit for credit.

Danger Points When Contacting Writing Services

Following all of the rules about when and how to use a paper that you purchased to guide your own work isn’t always enough to keep you safe. There are still some risks you need to be aware of. One of the most important risks is that the company you buy your paper from might not be reliable and could give you a paper full of plagiarism. There is always a risk when you pay someone to write a paper for you that they will try to maximize profits by cutting corners or hiring writers who don’t know how to write properly. There is always the danger that if you model your paper on one that is plagiarized, has poor or fabricated citations, or violates academic honesty guidelines, your paper could contain the same flaws.

To keep yourself safe from these types of plagiarism problems, it’s a good idea to purchase papers only from reputable firms like SmartWritingService that have a track record of delivering the kind of quality, original writing that you need and offer a guarantee that their work will never contain plagiarism. Be sure to make sure the company can be contacted easily and held responsible should a problem ever arise.

Crackdowns on Contract Cheating

Many colleges and universities are coming down harder on students who turn in papers they bought from a paper-writing service, which they call “contract cheating.” Many schools now train their faculty to identify instances of contract cheating by examining students’ writing styles to look for discrepancies that might indicate that someone else wrote their paper. If a student gets caught turning in a paper written by someone else, they can face serious repercussions, which can range from failing a paper for a first offence to failing a class or even being expelled from school for repeated violations.

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