Boosting your CV in Term Three

Term 3: exams, deadlines, dissertations… surely there’s no time to take on CV enhancing activities? Wrong!  Boosting your CV means that once you graduate, you’ll have more than just academic credentials to get you in the door of your dream job. So read on for some ideas on what you can do even in the busiest of times to get ahead in your career

Term three might seem completely study-focused, but if you need a break from the library and revision, thinking about your future could provide some solid motivation to keep you pushing for the best grade possible. Exams can be all-consuming, but there’s more to getting a job than a 2:1 and now is the perfect time to make the most of Warwick’s opportunities to be the all-round superstar you know you are.

Check out Warwick Advantage

It might seem obvious, but Warwick Advantage is a great place to start widening your horizons when it comes to CV boosting yet lots of people don’t make the most of the free opportunities available to students until the very end of their degree. myAdvantage offers events, workshops, and skills programmes that can help you in various different ways, from narrowing down career paths to developing skills to make your CV stand out. Warwick is renowned for its reputation with employers for a reason, so make the most of the Careers Services while they are still easily available – it’s what they’re there for!

Work from home

Be the millennial stereotype: it’s not only millionaire influencers who can pack a punch from behind a screen. Depending on your interests, there are a wealth of opportunities online that can give your work experience section a boost without being too much of a time drain. From blogging to research, from data entry to tutoring, there is something for everyone if you know where to look. Engage with organisations on social media; almost every profession has a group for young individuals looking to get involved and can be massively helpful for anyone starting out. Although a lot of online work is not paid well, it can be a good way to get a foot in the door, and if you start working for a company online in a casual capacity, it also puts you in good stead with them come graduation.

Boosting your CV in Term Three

Make the most of your free time

However tempting Netflix might be, especially as it just dropped the complete Great British Bake Off collection, finding a part-time volunteer position or a job is an ideal way to fill yourself out as a personality. Even if you don’t think it’s directly relevant to your desired field, being able to show that you can manage your time well enough to take on something outside of your degree is a great addition to your CV. Employers also often want to know more about their candidates as possible, so volunteering for something you care about will give you something interesting and unique to talk about in interviews. Anything you can do while you still have the flexible schedule of a student will help you stand out against the crowd. Check out volunteering opportunities at Warwick Volunteers. Sometimes all you need is an hour a week to volunteer!

Boosting your CV in Term Three

Get that CV aesthetic

There’s no point in putting in any of the work to boost your CV if in the end employers don’t look at the finished product. Making sure your CV looks as attractive, professional, and clear as possible is vital to selling yourself as the employee your dream job needs. At the end of the day, your CV is the first, and occasionally, only thing that employees will look at when considering you for a role. If it’s representing you, make sure it does you justice. Read more about CV styles here.

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