Buzzfeed Walk Music: Maintaining your library Zen

When was the last time you came out of the Library less stressed than when you went in? When was the last time you were sitting there, at your desk, and feeling completely calm about the work you had ahead of you? If the answer is never, you’re reading the right article because here are three ways to maintain your library Zen..By Thomas Stewart.


Buzzfeed Quizzes

 Yes, I am being serious. Buzzfeed is known for three things as of late – news, pictures of funny animals and ridiculous quizzes. I say, go and take a few. Take a break from your work and go find out what font you are, what 90s TV show you would be, what female comedian. Sit and waste some time on useless quizzes that will not aid or help you in any way with your studies.

Why? Because taking time out of your study, clearing your mind of it all and doing something completely unrelated is what is helpful. To sit and stare and stress and rip your hair will make you only more stressed and, well, hairless. So take fifteen minutes out, do the stupid quizzes and return to your work with fresh, font knowledged eyes.


This may seem obvious but how many times do you go for a walk? I don’t mean how many times do you walk because you need to get somewhere but actually walk? Walk for no reason whatsoever but to walk? Removing yourself from your situation – from the glaring desk – is sometimes what you need. Go for a walk around campus and get some fresh air. Or, even walk in the Library, there’s plenty of space.

If you’re a night person, go for a walk just as the sun is setting. Summer is approaching so you’ll become a figure walking through the beautiful blurs of pink and blue sky. It slashes through the windows into the Library, also. If you’re a morning person, get up a little bit earlier and watch the world awaken. See the sun rise, watch it ripple over the tips of trees. Excuse my poetry but that’s what it is. Look around, see where you are, feel the air and the sun and the life. Then go in, armed with this abundance, and return to your work.


 Music has the ability to change our moods. I am no exception to this rule. I can go from perfectly miserable to damn right jazzy with the use of a song. I can sit and stare at the screen for an hour, watch that curser blink at me but the minute I play a certain song I’m on it like a madman. For example, I’m listening to the Her soundtrack as I write this. The Gods that are Arcade Fire sooth me.


I do, however, have five top songs that help me work and, I hope, help you in maintaining your library zen:

Ludovico Einaudi, ‘Primaveria’ – For ferocity and dedication, to become completely and utterly zoned into your work.

Aretha Franklin, ‘I Never Loved A Man the Way I Love You’ – For, of course, sheer calmness.

M83, ‘Wait’ – Look out of the window and listen to this one, it will iron out all of the creases of your mind.

Lord Huron, ‘In The Wind’ – For utter bliss, this will de-stress you and you’ll feel energised when it’s over to continue with your work.

White Lies, ‘Death’ – To give you the kick up the backside you might need and realise that when you finish this work you can go and reward yourself in any way you see fit.


There you have it. Three simple ways to maintain your library zen. Buzzfeed Walk Music. All of these can happen in the library or just outside of the library. Let the fortress watch you as you sooth, let it house you as you write, let it sit with you as you listen and let that Zen flow.

Comment with your favourite study song!


Image: Zen/José Feliciano Cerdeño/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Buzzfeed Walk Music: Maintaining your library Zen

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