Can You Buy Instagram Likes In 2022?

Do you want to take your Instagram game to the next level? Both influencers (or those who aim to become ones) and brands buy Instagram likes to increase brand awareness. That’s not the only way to increase engagement,  of course. In a nutshell, the drill of how we could get more eyeballs to see our Instagram content goes as follows:


  • Use hashtags.
  • Add tags/ geotags.
  • Cross-promote published content.
  • Instagram is the absolute visuals-queen; followers come and go if their hunger for top-notch content isn’t satisfied. Therefore, never compromising on the quality of your content is the number 1 trigger to help your photo grind the most likes on Instagram.


That being said, the strategies above might not be the most recommended option for those who look for an instant exposure boost. Which brings us one step closer to the question on the agenda for today: Can you buy Instagram likes? Let’s begin with the basics:


What Are Instagram Likes?

Likes are another vanity metric used to assess social media content’s impact. ‘Another’ might be an understatement here, though. The internet is filled with research on how likes affect mental health and the inseparable connection between likes and dopamine. Followers, comments, and views also fit in this umbrella term.

‘Instagramming’ For A Living

Believe it or not, there are people whose day-to-day job is garnering likes on Instagram. These lucky ones are called influencers (aka social media personas). Some have already become famous before ‘going social’, and others earned this status solely for their social presence.


Since influencers’ posts amass impressive exposure rates, they collaborate with brands and firms and become affiliate marketers. Their reward for such shoutouts is usually a commission from each sale their posts land or free gifts.

How Instagram Likes Turn The Wheels

Since social media platforms’ impact grows more crucial by the hour, many marketers believe Likes help stand out in this competition. In a way, they’re right because likes portray how engaging your IG profile is. For the Insta-newbies out there, engagement is the bread and butter of the Instagram experience. Hold on a sec!! We know what you’re about to say (or think). This remark still holds water despite Instagram introducing the option of hiding likes from posts.

Instagram Likes Booster Apps

Indeed, content creators try to win the everlasting popularity match by buying ‘bot traffic’ from third parties, ‘Booster Apps’. Most of the time, these providers promise the earth and claim that the Likes at hand don’t fall from organic ones. The reality is the other way around; this deed summons new complications, and the initial goal of saving time is far from being met. These are the primary disadvantages of buying likes:


  • Unbalanced engagement rates.
  • Other users can tell your bluff by going over the Likers’ profiles (even without using likes checkers).
  • Instagram might deactivate your profile. Find out more on this topic in SproutSocial’s article.


Instagram Likes For Free

Same name, different game. Some sources demand payment for the packages they provide, while others do it for free. How does the word on the street go, ‘not all that glitters is gold’? Therefore, you should be careful before opting for the notorious, ‘free’ solutions. Because, at times, this might result in having your Instagram handle’s password (or any other type of personal information) leaked.

What Should I Do Instead?

As you already know, buying Instagram likes is a big no-no. We know how tempting this method sounds, especially for the fast turnaround time such services boast. Pushing it to the extreme could put you in a tight spot with Instagram, thus joining the notorious list of profiles that this method ruined their accounts instead of doing the complete opposite.


Instead, you should focus on the quality of the content you create. The images’ quality (and the captions that accompany them) directly impact your posts’ ‘shelf life’. After all, content is king, and Instagram is no different. Once you nailed the quality aspect, the rest will follow suit. Spoiler alert: getting your posts shared by others is just the tip of the iceberg.

Instagram Likes Algorithm

One of the parameters the app’s algorithm considers when featuring content on our feed is interest. In other words (surprisingly or not), more eyeballs will be exposed to content that garners high engagement rates. Indeed, you should never underestimate the perks of having an engaging Instagram profile, as this status endows a wide array of possibilities. To put a long story short, Influencer campaigns and free gifts are just the tip of the iceberg in this case.



We know how tempting it is to just go with the flow and take the plunge of buying Instagram likes. Before doing this, though, it’s important to know the p’s and q’s because, otherwise, you might do more harm than good. Finally, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you want your Instagram profile to be long-lasting, putting your heart in the content lies at the core of this goal.


Author Bio

Yuval Zilberfarb

Yuval is a content writer and editor at SEOMADEZ LLC, which manages several ‘digital goods’ sites such as Tik-boost. Besides writing, the author bides his time until Placebo releases their upcoming album.


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