Get Familiar: The Postgrad Hub

The Postgrad Hub (or the PG Hub, as it’s more commonly known) is a treat reserved for all of Warwick’s postgraduate students. Read this post to get familiar…By Eric Baron Like a Russian nesting doll, tucked away on campus, tucked inside of Senate House, you might pass by it without realising how much is inside, […]

Understanding Library terminology: Part III

Lorna and Francesca team up to tackle more of those mysterious phrases that you aren’t quite sure of…By Francesca Green and Lorna Khemraz Endnote Online Endnote is one of those words which I had seen being thrown around a lot but never took the time to find out what it was all about until recently. My brain […]

Can you put live plants in a saltwater tank?

Can you put live plants in a saltwater tank? Here are some popular saltwater aquarium plants that will grow readily in your new ecosystem: Halimeda – This is an attractive green plant with leaves like chains of coins. Since it grows throughout the oceans, halimeda is a good choice for just about any type of […]

Does H and M have skirts?

Does H and M have skirts? Express your individuality by stocking up on ladies’ skirts from our latest collection. Whether your mood calls for something sassy or classic, our selection is suitable for every situation. Does H&M sell dresses? H&M produces a variety of differently designed dresses and the range has everything from wet-look mini […]

Are there flights from Hong Kong to Vancouver?

Are there flights from Hong Kong to Vancouver? Flights from Hong Kong (HKG) to Vancouver (YVR) Cathay Pacific offers direct flights from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) to Vancouver International (YVR). Flights take approximately 11 hours 30 minutes and bring you directly to Terminal M of Vancouver International Airport. How many hours away is Hong […]

What is a post harvest technology?

What is a post harvest technology? Post harvest technology is inter-disciplinary “Science and Technique” applied to agricultural produce after harvest for its protection, conservation, processing, packaging, distribution, marketing, and utilization to meet the food and nutritional requirements of the people in relation to their needs. What is the main objective of post harvest technology? The […]

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