Get Familiar: The Postgrad Hub

The Postgrad Hub (or the PG Hub, as it’s more commonly known) is a treat reserved for all of Warwick’s postgraduate students. Read this post to get familiar…By Eric Baron

Like a Russian nesting doll, tucked away on campus, tucked inside of Senate House, you might pass by it without realising how much is inside, just waiting to be discovered and made use of. So, don’t delay. But before you run over, be sure to read up and get intimate with the PG Hub—so you can get the most out of your postgraduate experience.

The Essential Info

Before we dive into the good stuff, there are a few basic points to cover:Get Familiar: The Postgrad Hub

Where is it?

Inside Senate House, on campus adjacent to Warwick Arts Centre, and across the street from the Students Union. Still lost? Check out this high-tech Interactive Campus Map and search ‘postgraduate hub’.

Can’t make it onto campus? Never fear, you need never be without your beloved Hub in this digital age! Check out @WarwickPgHub or Facebook for the latest news, events and advice for postgrads, from around the University.

When is it open?

Hours are 9am – midnight, Monday – Sunday. A member of the Facilities team will always be available during these hours to assist you in the Hub.

How do I get in? Can I bring biscuits? What about my undergraduate friends?

Entry to the PG Hub is controlled by a card reader, restricting access to just postgrads, so remember to bring that card! Hot food and alcohol, unless an event is pre-planned, are not allowed. Good news is cold food and hot & cold drinks are allowed and you are very close to the Arts Centre which does great coffee! It’s exclusively for postgrads so you can’t bring in any undergrads, whether as study-buddies or for work meetings.

FacilitiesGet Familiar: The Postgrad Hub

The PG Hub is expansive, with a number of bookable group rooms, a quiet study area and the Central Atrium. The Central Atrium is a good place to take a break with a cup of coffee, maybe network, or study with friends.

There are currently 4 bookable rooms inside the Hub. These “mini-Hubs” can accommodate between 1 and 10 people, while being equipped with different study and presentation tools, such as PCs, display screens, whiteboards and flipcharts. Try booking a room for group study. One of these rooms is an accessible study room and can only be booked by those that have registered with Disability Services. 30 lockers are also available on a first-come first serve basis; however, don’t forget about your valuables—after 12 hours the locks will release and the space (as well as your stuff) becomes available.

Forgot your laptop? Not to worry! The Hub can loan you laptops, headphones and other equipment to use in side the PG Hub. Just ask a member of the Facilities Team on duty.

If you feel like you need a break from study, try the relaxation room – a whole room dedicated to chilling out, with games, cushions and bean bags!

Get Familiar: The Postgrad HubOur Postgraduate Community

So you need a break, but maybe you were busy with that essay, or so tightly managing your time that you neglected to schedule something social? Well, fortunately the PG Hub not only hosts events year round, but also gives students of all nationalities the opportunity to explore and share different cultures. Some past events have included Halloween, Lunar New Year, Burns Night, Persian New Year and Thanksgiving. You’re encouraged to host events yourself so get in touch with the Hub team if there’s anything you’d like to see!

They also have a weekly tea & coffee event ‘PG Tips‘ on Tuesdays at 3pm. Come along to chat to other PGs and share some helpful tips!

Also be sure to keep an eye out for On Track, which provides practical support and social resuscitation for students writing their dissertations or working on their theses!

Get Familiar: The Postgrad Hub

Top Tips

  • Remember to bring your University card—otherwise, you can’t get in!
  • If you’d like some guaranteed space for group-work, try booking a room. Rooms can be booked for a maximum of 3 hours.
  • The rooms are reserved for group-work, so make sure you don’t book one for independent study!
  • Check the postgraduate webpage for upcoming community events and new contests.
  • The PG Hub does allow talking and mobile phone usage. Though there is a quiet area around the back of the Hub, there is no silent study space. So if you need absolute quiet, it’s probably best to pay a visit to the main library.
  • There is a whole team of people available at the Hub, there to make sure your needs as a postgraduate community are being met. Feel free—in fact, you are encouraged—to contact them with suggestions, new ideas for events, or any question you might have.


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