So it’s term 2 and you haven’t used the Library yet

What is that ominous building? Y’know, the one which smells like fry-ups in the mornings. Unsure? Well let me tell you… It’s the Library. Warwick’s very own Library. A beautiful building (well, figuratively) holding so many books, journals and library staff that it might burst. Now don’t be afraid – I know that it seems […]

Understanding Library terminology: Part II

Ever wondered what is meant by Library Search or Article Reach, but have been too afraid to ask. Well fear no more, as library jargon is to be demystified. So sit back, get comfortable and read on as library jargon will start to become a lot clearer…By Francesca Cornick The Library is full of jargon. Have […]

What is personification advertising?

What is personification advertising? Personification in advertising gives your audience someone to associate with, rather than a list of features or even a cool logo. With these examples in hand, you have the tools to start to develop a face for your own brand. What is personification give example? Personification means: “Giving an object or […]

What plants are rhizomes?

What plants are rhizomes? Plants with underground rhizomes include gingers, bamboo, snake plant, the Venus flytrap, Chinese lantern, western poison-oak, hops, and Alstroemeria, and the weeds Johnson grass, Bermuda grass, and purple nut sedge. Rhizomes generally form a single layer, but in giant horsetails, can be multi-tiered. What are the examples of rhizomes? Notably, the […]

What is the role of a captain in a restaurant?

What is the role of a captain in a restaurant? Position Summary: As a restaurant captain you are responsible to promote and ensure guest satisfaction, maintain a safe and sanitary work environment and ensure only the highest quality products are being served. What are the duties and responsibilities of captain? Captain Job Description Train and […]

How do the five Olympic rings represent the world?

How do the five Olympic rings represent the world? “A white background, with five interlaced rings in the centre: blue, yellow, black, green and red is symbolic; it represents the five inhabited continents of the world, united by Olympism, while the six colors are those that appear on all the national flags of the world […]

Who was the little girl in Footloose?

Who was the little girl in Footloose? Lori Singer beat out everyone from Michelle Pfeiffer and Heather Locklear to Meg Ryan, Jodie Foster, Diane Lane and Brooke Shields for the role of Ariel Moore, the town reverend’s rebellious and beautiful daughter, in “Footloose.” Are the little girls in Footloose sisters? The sisters simply steal the […]

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