So it’s term 2 and you haven’t used the Library yet

What is that ominous building? Y’know, the one which smells like fry-ups in the mornings. Unsure? Well let me tell you… It’s the Library. Warwick’s very own Library. A beautiful building (well, figuratively) holding so many books, journals and library staff that it might burst. Now don’t be afraid – I know that it seems […]

Understanding Library terminology: Part II

Ever wondered what is meant by Library Search or Article Reach, but have been too afraid to ask. Well fear no more, as library jargon is to be demystified. So sit back, get comfortable and read on as library jargon will start to become a lot clearer…By Francesca Cornick The Library is full of jargon. Have […]

How much compression should a 250 2 stroke have?

How much compression should a 250 2 stroke have? A 250cc 2 stroke should have 170 PSI or more and 210 PSI when new. A 500cc 2 stroke should have at least 140 PSI of compression and 170 PSI for good performance. What is a good compression test reading? A compression test reveals the condition […]

How do you clean old coolant?

How do you clean old coolant? How Do You Do a Radiator Flush? Open the radiator cap and coolant reservoir cap. Find the radiator drain by consulting the owner’s manual. Once the container is properly situated, open the drain. Pour in your radiator flush as directed and fill the rest with water to about an […]

How do I know if my flasher is working?

How do I know if my flasher is working? Testing the flasher unit To test the conventional type of flasher unit, use a circuit tester between the terminal marked B on the unit and the earth. Turn on the ignition . If the supply side of the unit is working, the bulb should light. If […]

Where does the Dail meet?

Where does the Dail meet? Since 1922, it has met in Leinster House in Dublin. The Dáil took its current form when the 1937 Constitution was adopted, but it maintains continuity with the First Dáil established in 1919. What are the Houses of Oireachtas? The Oireachtas consists of a bicameral chamber and the President of […]

Why did Roman slaves revolt?

Why did Roman slaves revolt? The revolt began in 73 BC, with the escape of around 70 slave-gladiators from a gladiator school in Capua; they easily defeated the small Roman force sent to recapture them. Plutarch’s account of the revolt suggests that the slaves simply wished to escape to freedom and leave Roman territory by […]

Did the Isle of Man fight in ww2?

Did the Isle of Man fight in ww2? But far less well known is the link between the two countries through the dark years of the Second World War. Between 1940 and 1945 Norwegians on both sides of that bitter conflict, both nazi sympathisers and would-be freedom fighters, found themselves detained on the Isle of […]

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