Top 3 Rarest PS2 PAL Games to Revisit Today 

As a longstanding fan of PlayStation 2 games, you’re well aware of some cool titles that were released specifically for the PAL region. And a good many of these titles were criminally expensive back in the day and even today, they can set you back a pretty penny. Luckily for you, you won’t need to fork out on devastatingly expensive PS2 games. Courtesy of emulators, specialized tools that allow playing console games on third-party devices, you can quickly and effortlessly download the ripped image of your favorite title for free.

Today’s article is concerned with some enigmatic, extremely, rare, and really expensive PlayStation games you might have heard of, but never weren’t sure they really existed. What’s more, you can try and get some of these games in the form of an PS2 ISO, or a ROM file. All you’ll need to do is put them into your emulator folder and run them whenever you feel like playing them. Let’s get it started!

#1 Homura

The PS2 was home to a wide selection of great shooters that made the console one of the best places to be for all fans of the genre. Released in 2006, Homura takes on much inspiration from its competitors but manages to mix different elements together to eventually carve out something that it can call its own.

It all takes place during Japan’s Edo period and revolves around several characters. The heroes embark upon a responsible quest in order to locate heaven’s jewels, which play a big role in the game. You get to fly around at high speeds all the while avoiding at times what seems like a million projectiles. With your energy weapon and sword being used to annihilate everything in your path, it’s a rather simple setup. If you played on a console, you’d need to use only two buttons – one to shoot, and the other to draw your sword. But with an emulator, the game will be just as simple and enjoyable as it would on the original PS4. Get the Homura ISO and see for yourself!

#2 Garfield Saving Arlene

One of the most surprisingly rare and expensive games on the PS2 in PAL regions is Garfield Saving Arlene. This game is essentially a 3D platformer that sees you filling the role of Garfield as you’ve set out with your friend Odie in the hope of locating Arlene. As with most 3D platformers, there is a huge variety of levels, with most of them being entirely open for players to explore.

The game is made up of several mechanics that make traversing the world an absolute breeze. One of the most important being the way in which Garfield and Odie cooperate. Your friend can help you jump quite long distances and even hold your own during combat. The pair really makes a lovable duo throughout the adventure! With a ton of charming jokes that make going through it all the more enjoyable.

Now the reason why Garfield Saving Arlene has become so expensive and rare is that upon its release, only a handful of copies were actually put into circulation, which has caused the remaining ones to slowly rise in price as the years have passed. Now this game goes for about $170 and it gets harder and harder to obtain.  But if you download the corresponding ROM, it will cost you nothing!

#3 Dragon Blaze

Dragon Blaze is another shooter that started out its life in the arcades in 2006. And it wasn’t until several years later that it found a new home on the PS2. This game plays just like many other vertical shooters and allows you to select from the four characters before jumping into the fight. All fighters possess a string of basic abilities, such as a normal shot and a devastating bomb that can help out in tight spots.

But what really makes Dragon Blaze stand out is, as its very name suggests, instead of futuristic ships, you find yourself mounted on top of fire-breathing creatures. What’s more, all dragons can be dismounted (which adds an extra dimension to the gameplay) and act as piercing weapon shooting across the screen and lay out a volley of shots until you call them back. Very epic! But it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times! Get the ROM with this eye-catching shooter to enjoy it to the fullest!

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