Deciphering the French company

Decipher the French society is an essential book, which provides a state of play advanced the state of our society. Without the fetishism of figures, the operating mechanisms of the company are described, and analyzed with a great critical sense, in the fifteen thematic sections that make up the book : on population, family, relationships between men/women, immigrants and foreigners, ages, school, work, inequality, insecurity, values, body…

The challenge for Louis Maurin, as he stated in the preface, to bridge the gap between the discourse in French society, and the picture that emerges from the analysis of quantitative data. Decipher the French company is inspired by the studies developed in the last six years by the team of the Observatory of inequalities, that Louis Maurin is the editor-in-chief, and fits in the groove of the out-of-series with annual Figures on the economy, the magazine Alternatives Economiques, hors-série, of which Louis Maurin is responsible. Decipher the French society is also a way to combat ideas-received, conveyed in the media, to remember that the French society remains uneven… Make a few detours in the heart of the book.

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