Define sociology with Simmel ?

Here is a quote from the first text of the collection following The problem of sociology. And other texts, Simmel, Georg ; Barth Fabienne, Cret Benedict (Perpetrators of parties introductory), Editions of the pike Perch, 2006, 116 pages, 13 euros

The book includes three important texts by Georg Simmel: “The problem of sociology “, “How social forms are maintained” and ” On some relations of theoretical thinking with the practical interests “.

“For a long time, it seemed that the word sociology had a magical virtue. (…) It is given to object to the sociology everything that is happening in the society; as a result, all of the facts that are not of the physical order seemed to be under its jurisdiction. But this itself demonstrates the error that we made in doing so. Because this is obviously a non-sense that bring together all of the objects of study which already deal with the political economy and the history of civilization, philosophy, and politics, statistics, and demography, in a sort of jumble which we rest the label of sociology. We gain a new name but not new knowledge. “

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