Did Chas sleep with Al?

Did Chas sleep with Al?

EMMERDALE’S Chas Dingle only tried to sleep with Al Chapman to get her “ego stroked”, Lucy Pargeter has revealed. The actress – who plays landlady Chas in the ITV soap – has admitted even she was mystified by her character’s actions.

Who married Carl King in Emmerdale?


Who killed Jenny Emmerdale?

Cameron Murray

Is Chas in Emmerdale pregnant again?

For a while Chas and Paddy didn’t think they’d ever have a child of their own… until Chas unexpectedly discovered she was pregnant again.

Has Charity in Emmerdale lost weight?

It seems like Emmerdale’s cast members are all motivated to lose weight and get in shape, previously it was Mandy Dingle actor, Lisa Riley, who showed off her massive 12 stones weight loss, Now it’s Chas Dingle actor, Lucy Pargeter.

Who plays Chas in Emmerdale?

Lucy PargeterEmmerdale

Is Lucy Pargeter married?


How old is Chas in Emmerdale in real life?

Lucy Kate Pargeter (born 1 March 1977) is an English actress, known for her roles as Helen Raven in Crossroads (2002–2003) and Chas Dingle in Emmerdale (2002–present). She also finished third in the 13th series of the ITV reality show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2013.

Who is Emma’s partner?

The actress is not currently married but is to be in a relationship with a man named Tom who is said to work as a businessman. In 2015, Emma announced she and Tom had welcomed their son Albert just before her 40th birthday, after keeping her pregnancy a secret.

Who is Lucy Pargeter partner?

Rudi Coleano

Does Chas die in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale fans saw a familiar name pop up on Thursday evening’s episode, as the late Carl King got an unexpected mention. The businessman, played by Tom Lister, was killed in 2012 by love rival Cameron Murray, though Chas Dingle initially believed she was responsible for his murder.

Why is Chastity Dingle so thin?

Speaking in an interview, the actress revealed the secret behind her weight loss, admitting she found it difficult to eat as much due to being busy with her daughters. She also praised her twin girls for helping keep her in shape. She said: “I don’t have time to eat!

How old is Chas Emmerdale?

They realised that if her real age was 41 then that would mean she gave birth to her 27-year-old son at just 14 which contradicts what was previously said on the show. It had been made clear that Chas was married when she gave birth to Aaron and was at least 20, making her 47 now.

Was Chas Dingle in the army?

She cared for him but her feelings for Carl arose again and he dumped her. Heartbroken and angry, Chas joined the army, leaving Carl, now single (he dumped Chloe when she admitted she had lied about being pregnant) and desperate to make amends.

Was Chas in the army?

During a heart-to-heart with Diane, she admits that she fears she’ll never be happy and confesses that she signed up for the army a while ago and is seriously thinking now could be the right time to join the troops. …

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