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Faire ses devoirsTo do its homework. Issues cognitive and social practice ordinary. A book, published under the direction of Patrick Rayou (Presses Universitaires de Rennes, Coll ” Paideia “, 2010)

The ” work out class “1, designed as a time that takes the result of the work of learning done in the classroom, is regularly the subject of questions and criticism, as demonstrated by the recurring calls to the prohibition of work written outside the classroom in the primary school. However, these attempts abort quickly. How to explain that the ” work out class “, yet few called for and limited by the official texts, as well as the recalls Martine Kherroubi, “[maintain] and successful in extending his empire farther and farther away ” ? (p 10, Patrick Rayou). It is the understanding of this issue, that will harness the collective work the homework. Issues cognitive and social practice ordinary. The contributions gathered are intended to identify two sets of causes, allows the construction of the work outside the class in “problem” and dénaturaliser social practices on the borders of which the duties remain meaningful.

This book is based on two surveys : the first was conducted by a team of researchers and trainers of the IUFM of Aquitaine, Créteil and Versailles from 2005 to 2007, the second took place in 2008, in response to a call by the Centre Alain Savary of the NPRI. In order to test the hypothesis of identity is important in the ways that prescribe and support the work outside the class, students in social environments differentiated, the site was chosen for the survey are voluntarily multiple : ZEP in the Val-de-Marne, and Seine St Denis, in the Sum, but also colleges and schools attended by students of the middle class, even upper middle, in the outskirts of Bordeaux and in the Val-de-Marne.2 The book gives an account of these surveys and is divided into two parts : the first putting into perspective the historical, institutional, and social work outside the class, the second entering fully into the black box of the work outside the class.

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