Do you have someone with whom you can confide?

Do you have someone with whom you can confide?

If you have a confidante, you’re lucky. She is a friend you can confide in, someone you trust with your private thoughts, and who you’re sure can keep a secret. If your trusted friend is male, you call him your confidant. In fact, you could call a male or a female “secret keeper” your confidant (without the “e”).

What does it mean to confide?

intransitive verb. 1 : to have confidence : trust We cannot confide wholly in our own powers. 2 : to show confidence by imparting secrets confide in a friend. transitive verb.

What does uttered mean?

to give audible expression to; speak or pronounce: unable to utter her feelings; Words were uttered in my hearing. to give forth (cries, notes, etc.) with the voice: to utter a sigh.

What is an example of uttering?

United States. In the U.S., uttering is the act of offering a forged document to another when the offeror has knowledge that the document is forged. For example, forging a log for personal profit might be considered uttering and publishing. Another example would be the forging of a university diploma.

Does utter mean speak?

utter Add to list Share. The adjective utter is often used as an intensifier to mean “total” — often with negative connotations (like “utter failure”). As a verb, the word has a totally unrelated meaning: to speak or to articulate a sound. If you utter something, you give it voice.

What does utter silence mean?

be silent, stop talking

Can’t utter a word?

not utter a word To be completely silent; to remain discreet (about something); to not tell anyone (about something). All the while our father was shouting at us, my sister and I didn’t utter a word. Tom, don’t you dare utter a word about this!

How do you use utter?

Utter sentence example

  1. Unable to utter the word, are you?
  2. For a long time he could not utter a word, so that the Rhetor had to repeat his question.
  3. “I didn’t utter them now,” she pointed out.
  4. The other guests, standing nearby, gaped in utter shock.
  5. They’ve brought us to utter ruin!

What’s another word for utter?

Some common synonyms of utter are air, broach, express, vent, and voice.

Which is the opposite word of utter ‘?

What is the opposite of utter?

incomplete incompleted
uncompleted unfinished
partial undone
unfulfilled fragmented

What is the opposite of utter?

Antonyms: incomplete, uncomplete, mitigated. express, verbalize, verbalise, utter, give tongue to(verb) articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise.

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