Dyslexia Awareness Week: How the Library can support everyone

If you’re dyslexic, you’ll understand how much of a nightmare studying can be when you don’t have the right support in place. The library offers an array of assistive support for students who are dyslexic, but did you know these techniques can be useful to anyone who experiences barriers to learning? For the upcoming Dyslexia Awareness Week, here’s a list of ways the library can support your needs…

Dyslexia is a word that we hear often, probably because it is thought to affect about 10% of the population. Even if a person does not have Dyslexia, they may experience barriers to learning that can be overcome by using Dyslexia-friendly techniques. Dyslexia Awareness week is taking place this year from Monday 1st October, and the Library will be doing their part to support it. As a relatively new member of staff here at the Library, I wanted to learn more about how the Library supports those with Dyslexia, or a similar barrier to learning. I asked the Library’s Disability Support Officer, Laura, for her top tips on how the Library can support you.

Colour, Colour, Colour


It’s well known that Libraries love books, but all that reading can take its toll on your eyes. Ever had visual stress? Blurring words, difficulty keeping track of where you are, losing focus… sound familiar?

Colour can help! Whether you need coloured paper to print on or coloured overlays for reading, come and see us at the Helpdesk. Better yet pop along and see us during Dyslexia Awareness Week and we have some take-home overlays for you to try.

Working online? Try our software…

Assistive Software

Dyslexia Awareness Week: How the Library can support everyone

This one seems to be a well-kept secret but, it shouldn’t be!

Every University owned and networked computer has access to assistive software such as Read&Write Gold and Mind Manager. These can be accessed via the software center or ITS and help make studying and revision easier for everyone.

Read and Write gold is a helpful toolbar which can be added to your desktop and it will interact with all mainstream Windows applications. This software is multifunctional and gives confidence to anyone who needs support with their reading and writing. I particularly like the word cloud function which allows you to keep unfamiliar words in a box while you write. This is particularly helpful if you ever need to write Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia multiple times in an essay. The software can also be helpful for those who are not confident proof reading their own work or for those who have English as an additional language. It also has a screen overlay feature which changes the colour of the screen.

Why don’t you try some of the other software available at the Library in the Assistive Technology Area?

Accessible Study Rooms

Dyslexia Awareness Week: How the Library can support everyone

Now this one isn’t for everyone however it is good to know. These rooms are bookable by students registered with the University Disability Services. We understand people learn differently and need different spaces. Our Accessible Study Rooms are across campus and each room is different. The rooms have dimmable LED lighting, assistive software, equipment such as book rests and some of the rooms even have sensory additions.

Where are the Books?

Dyslexia Awareness Week: How the Library can support everyone

So you’ve found the book you want on the catalogue and its classmark (RC394.W6 V57), but where is it on the shelf? Check out our web page for a full guide on how to crack the classmark code. You can also use our fetching requests service.

But what if it is an E-resource? Read our tips on how to discover all of our resources.

Furthermore we are here to help…

Ask Us!

Dyslexia Awareness Week: How the Library can support everyone

If you ever need assistance with library-related issues, you can visit the Helpdesk located near the entrance on floor 1 which is staffed from 08.30-21.30, Monday to Sunday. Out of these hours, you can also seek help from the Welcome Point or email us at [email protected].

Want to make the most of Library resources and speak to someone who is a subject specialist? You can speak to one of our Academic Support Librarians who host drop in sessions every week day during term time from 13.00- 15.00 in the consultation pod on the first floor of the Library.

Dyslexia Awareness Week

Dyslexia Awareness Week: How the Library can support everyone

From Monday 1st to Friday 5th October 2018, the Library will be supporting British Dyslexia Awareness week by promoting the support services available. We are inviting everyone to come along and learn more about how the Library can help you or someone you know.

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