Event in memory of Antonio Guerrero Serón

*Updated with video streaming recorded

Acto en memoria de Antonio Guerrero Serón


10:30 Memory of professor

  • Mª José Díaz Fernández, Dean of the Faculty
  • Fermín Bouza Álvarez, Dpto. Sociology VI – CC. Information
  • Julio Carabaña Morales, Dpto. Sociology VI – Education
  • Maria Fernandez Mellizo-Soto, Director of the Section

11:15 – Memory of the partner

  • Intervention of Javier Doz Orrit, former general secretary of FECCOO
  • Reading of messages received
  • Presentation of a plaque by the Association of Sociology of Education (ASE)

11.45 Break

12:15 Memory of the researcher

  • Panel discussion on the teaching profession
    • In his career militant, and his professional career, Antonio focused his attention on the teacher. With this panel, we pay tribute to his work.
  • Antonio Moreno González, COMPLUTENSE university of madrid, former director of the ISFP
  • Sonsoles San Román, UAM
  • Rafael Feito Alonso, UCM
  • Mariano Fernández Enguita, COMPLUTENSE university of madrid

13:30 Memory of the man

  • Involved: María Jesús Aragoneses, his wife and companion


Contact – C/ Rector Royo Villanova, s/n 28040 Madrid – How to get therePlane

Live transmission (streaming): http://educacion.ucm.es


Program in PDF


In this link you can also see the homage to Mariano Fernandez Enguita dedicated to Antonio Guerrero in his blog:

Antonio Guerrero, to always (15/12/2013)

And this was my brief written for your reading in the Act, although not read, I imagine, because it would be a lot of the writings that they came in and reading all of it would have lengthened the Act excessively.


I have not had the good fortune to meet Antonio Guerrero in person, but it was with his book Education and society. The sociological understanding of education (TWENTY-first Century, 2003) that I approached for the first time to the sociology of education and led to my interest in her. Style direct and without ambiguity, the Guerrero Serón, that even concepts that did not originate in the framework of the sociology of education, and nothing simple and achieved my understanding, as for example, the concepts of “archaeology” and “genealogy” of Michel Foucault (pp. 241-243) within what Antonio called the “postismos”, including “post-structuralism” and “postmodernism”. Your book will always occupy a special place in my library, and your name in my memory.
Ruben Crespo. Creator of Cisolog.com and student of Sociology at the UNED

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