Growing up with hunger. Child poverty

When we talk about child poverty we are almost always in the countries of the Third World, but this tragedy remains invisible in advanced societies. Grow hungry is a short documentary of Francis Fernandez and Karlos Santiuste which shows the situation that suffer every time more children in san jose and throughout the state. Are the consequences of living in a society selfish in that each one looks for himself. The weakest, the most fragile, the most innocent are the ones that are left homeless.

I want to make special emphasis on the explanations of the sociologist who is involved in the documentary, AndrĂ©s Aganzo Toribio. I transcribe literally one of them which -in my opinion – expressed in a concise manner a reality in our societies post-industrial where capitalism rampant is making great ravages.

Crecer con hambre. Pobreza Infantil

There is a staff surplus. In the world there is what is referred to as personal excess, who does not lack in the system,what we say in terms of african or deciemos in terms of social exclusion. Don’t mean nothing from the point of view of the economy. Why? because you no longer consume. To not be consumers… we Had two features: a producers, and other consumers. If you do not have capacity to purchase you are not anything; for this reason, these a few years ago, your distinction of person was the ability to purchase, was the card that would give you the status. You no longer have card; you already have a ticket that you’re going to Caritas…

The documentary: Growing up with hunger

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