Has risked about my education

I was born and grew up in a military family. Therefore, my professional career was predetermined. I had to choose an important and respected profession, as they say now – socially significant. Parents decided that the doctor, or the teacher – the most suitable for me specialties. Since we then lived in a small provincial town, where these professions were very much in demand – I was not against it.

But the time passed, and my adventurous nature, pushed me to look for something new, unknown. And I took a chance. Immediately after graduation, in 2001, I went to enter the University.

Has risked – and has not missed. Already in a big city, I realized that the variety of serious, noble and at the same time new professions that the metropolis “offered” is much wider than in the province. And I decided to try it.

As a result, she entered immediately into several universities for various specialties, among which was sociology. And again she made her own choice, which many then considered irrational. In those difficult times, I was supported only by my mother. In general, my mother is an amazing person: kind and strong-willed, strong and vulnerable, sensitive and resolute, wise and understanding, always near and always ready to help.

In general, by the time of the end of the sociology faculty doubting the correctness of my choice, there is absolutely no left. I already had considerable professional experience in the chosen specialty. I really liked to apply my knowledge in practice: to study and work at the same time (mainly I was engaged in providing essay writing service about sociology). During my studies, I not only mastered the theoretical foundations of sociology, but also the subtleties of sociological and marketing research, and even analysts. Both my specialty and my work greatly inspired me. Therefore, before the end of the University, I decided that I would continue to study further, and certainly in the Academy of Sciences! So I decided to enter the graduate school of the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Has risked, and … has been accepted.

I still remember the first meeting with my supervisor of studies. Then, 10 years ago, I was really lucky. In my life, Alla Bravina met, who not only interested me in the sociology of risk, but also taught me how to work with sociological data, put ideas into scientific text, and most importantly think and feel like a sociologist. Of course, this did not happen immediately. “Our” joint path to my Ph.D. thesis was thorny and complicated, but Alla Viktorovna always understood my life circumstances, guided, encouraged, inspired by her example.

Since my decision to devote my life to sociology has been 15 years. And I never regretted my choice.

And the risk now is not only a property of my resolute, strong-willed character, but also an area of professional interests!

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