Haydn and his quartets

I’ve had pretty much abandoned this poor blog this past month-but between work, thesis, preparation of presentation for the Congress of the WINGS, and in general the life (and the fact that my poor notebook has been stolen from my property, oh, that’s going to be you notebook far away from home) haven’t left me a lot of typing.

By No means will, however, put some videos of Haydn on Youtube. Ultimately, because in order to regain serenity and overcome with fortitude the vicissitudes of life there is like Haydn. Or at least that happens to me. At least one should not be ungrateful in relation to the fate of living in a world in which you can enjoy your music.

And as well to regain the healthy habit of listening to at least a quartet of the day, some of the videos.

From the very beginning. Op 2 No 1, last movement (Quartet Attaca)

And passing to the first maturity, Op 20 No 5 (Quartet Jerusalem)

And continuing with a flourishing maturity. Op 55 No 3 (Quartet Buchberger)

And finally coming to the last, Op 76 No 5 (Quartet Ysaye)


And there will be more to put, at least, a movement of the Seven Last Words in your version of quartet (Quartet Navarra)

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