How can STEM students make the most of the library?

Even though the library is associated with reading, writing essays and Humanities students, there are tonnes of ways that STEM students can benefit from this learning space. It can seem intimidating to work in the library as a STEM student, but there are so many incredible ways to make the most of the space, no matter what subject you study!

Here are some of the ways STEM students can make the most of the library:

To understand citations and referencing

Have you ever struggled to get your references correctly in your work? Sometimes, seminar tutors can provide feedback highlighting that your references aren’t written correctly. They can even mark you down for incorrect citations in summative assignments, so it is important to make sure you understand how to reference in your projects.

The library offers EndNote Online workshops to students looking to understand more about the different ways to integrate references into their work. This can be extremely useful if you are unsure of how to reference in your work. Workshops are held every two weeks throughout term, and are a great way to make sure you are avoiding accidental plagiarism!

How can STEM students make the most of the library?

To learn how to research effectively

At some point in your degree, you will be asked to conduct your own research. Whether this is in your dissertation, group project or simply to understand more about a topic, research support workshops are a fantastic way to expand your knowledge of databases. As a WBS student, this workshop is so helpful for understanding how to find out company statistics.

As well as this, you can arrange one-to-one chats with your Academic Support Librarian to understand how to get the most out of the library resources dedicated to your department. If you are struggling with certain topics or concepts, there is bound to be a library book or online resource to help you understand more! Academic Support Librarians are super approachable, and can help you pursue your academic interests.

How can STEM students make the most of the library?

To talk about your research

It can be difficult to talk to people about your research, especially when looking for feedback! The library has space in the Wolfson Research Exchange where you can collaborate with others to discuss your research in an open, friendly environment. You can even plan your own event to meet other students conducting research.

Around dissertation writing time, this can be really useful if you are struggling to feel confident in your work. On top of the support of your academic advisor, your peers can be an incredible support mechanism when working on research. The Research Exchange can help you find people to skim through your work and provide constructive criticism. Sometimes, it is easier to receive feedback from your peers than from academics, so this can be a fantastic way to gain a new perspective on your work.

On Thursdays from 10:30am to 12pm, you can even meet people to chat about research over coffee and cake! It is a great way to make new friends in different departments, and get a fresh perspective on research. Just remember: apart from in special events, the Wolfson Research Exchange can only be accessed by research students.

Overall, the library is the perfect place for you to gain important skills that are essential to any academic degree. Not only can you use the main library as a study space, you can work with your Academic Librarian and in the Research Exchange to help you feel confident about your work.

How can STEM students make the most of the library?


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