How did the environment contribute to the development of the Indus Valley civilization?

How did the environment contribute to the development of the Indus Valley civilization?

By 1800 BCE, the Indus Valley climate grew cooler and drier, and a tectonic event may have diverted or disrupted river systems, which were the lifelines of the Indus Valley Civilization. The Harappans may have migrated toward the Ganges basin in the east, where they could have established villages and isolated farms.

How did the Thar Desert help development of the Indus River Valley Civilization?

The way the Thar Desert helped it developed probably is because since it was a desert it was hard for outsiders and the Indus people from getting to either side, this made them developed their own things like religion, arts, etc.

How did Indus Valley civilization begin and develop?

civilization developed out of farming and herding com munities that carried on trade with each other. In time, the Indus civilization grew to cover most of present-day Pakistan and parts of what are now Afghanistan and northern India. The heart of the civilization was the vast flood plain of the Indus and Hakra rivers.

How did the Ganges and Indus rivers impact the development of ancient India?

India’s first civilization was built along the Indus river, because it left behind rich silt when it flooded.. This allowed farmers to grow a surplus of food so that civilization could develop. To the east of the Indus, the Ganges River creates a large plain that is also good for farming.

How did Indus river valley civilizations respond to flooding in their area?

How did Indus River Valley civilizations respond to flooding in their area? Farmers developed irrigation techniques in response to flooding. Traders could travel easily due to the flooding from the monsoons. Cities were easy targets for invasion due to flooding in river systems.

What language did the Harappans speak?


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