How did the geography of Italy help them in international trade?

How did the geography of Italy help them in international trade?

Italy’s location between Europe and the East is why the first European region to make trade links to the Far East, the Middle East and Africa. Italy’s location allowed Italy to establish power and control in trade an commerce (means business).

How might the growth of trade in Europe help bring about the rise of the Renaissance in Italy?

One reason for the flowering of culture during the Renaissance was the growth of trade and commerce. Trade brought new ideas as well as goods into Europe. A bustling economy created prosperous cities and new classes of people who had the wealth to support art and learning.

What were the causes of the rise of the Renaissance in Europe?

In conclusion, historians have identified several causes of the Renaissance in Europe, including: increased interaction between different cultures, the rediscovery of ancient Greek and Roman texts, the emergence of humanism, different artistic and technological innovations, and the impacts of conflict and death.

How many regions are in Italy?

20 regions

Which part of Italy is the most beautiful?

  1. Florence (Firenze) This Renaissance beauty Florence has it all.
  2. San Gimignano.
  3. Lake Garda.
  4. Positano.
  5. Puglia.
  6. Capri.
  7. Venice.
  8. Cinque Terre.

What is the wealthiest region in Italy?


Which is the most expensive city in Italy?


Which is the most expensive city in Europe?


Which is the most unsafe country in the world?

The 2020 GPI indicates Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, and Denmark to be the most peaceful countries, and Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, and Yemen to be the least peaceful….Global Peace Index rankings (2008–2019)

Country Iceland
2018 rank 1
2018 score 1.096
2017 rank 1
2017 score 1.084

What is the most visited country in Asia?


Which country is famous in Asia?

The top 10 countries to be visited in Asia are.

  • Hong Kong. The main reason to visit Hong Kong is its urban attractions, shopping etc.
  • Thailand. The main attractions of Thailand are its food, weather etc.
  • Cambodia. Cambodia is popular for beaches, Angkor Wat, markets etc.
  • India.
  • Vietnam.
  • Singapore.
  • Malaysia.
  • Indonesia.

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