How do I find my old GMAT scores?

How do I find my old GMAT scores?

You can sign into your account at to see any GMAT scores that you accepted in the past five years. If you want to see scores from a GMAT that you took more than five but fewer than 10 years ago, then you can gain access to them via a special score report request.

How do I find my GMAT scores?

Your Official Score Report will be available to you within 20 calendar days of your GMAT exam. Once your scores are reportable, Pearson VUE will send an email. You may view, download, or print your Official Score Report, by visiting My Account. If you require further assistance, please contact [email protected]

How long can you keep GMAT score?

five years

Where can I find my GMAT score online?

Your official GMAT™ Online exam score will be available via your account within 7 business days of completing your exam. Your score is valid for 5 years. You will be able to view your score and percentile ranking details for each of your valid exam attempts.

Can I see my Cancelled GMAT score?

To ensure that test takers have an accurate record of their GMAT exam history, you will still see all your GMAT exams on your record, including cancelled scores. However, cancelled scores will not be displayed on the version of score reports sent to schools.

Is 580 a good GMAT score?

Generally speaking, top 10 MBA programs consistently look for GMAT scores of 720 or above. For mid-to-high-range business schools (those consistently ranked between 25 and 80 on annual rankings lists like U.S. News), average scores of incoming students are usually in the 600-700 range.

Is a 770 GMAT score good?

Most top business schools, like Harvard, Stanford and Wharton, have averages around 730. This means that a 740 score, “good” by most standards, is only +10 from a school’s average, but a 770 score is +40 points. Those +40 points can be used to directly raise the average.

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