How do I send an inquiry to NVC?

How do I send an inquiry to NVC?

You will need to submit all your inquires through the Public Inquiry Form at You should only send mail to National Visa Center if explicitly instructed to through an email, telephone call, or letter from National Visa Center.

What is current priority date?

Priority date: This is the date that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received your I-130 petition. Think of this date as your place in the green card line. Current: In the context of the visa bulletin, “current” means no backlog and no wait time for a green card.

How long does NVC processing take?

about 2 to 4 weeks

How can I expedite NVC interview?

Requesting the Expedite In order to expedite your case, you must have a hardship reason to put your case before that of others. You may request an expedite at [email protected] . You should: List the NVC case number & invoice number in the subject line and in the body of the email.

What do I do if my priority date is current?

If your category is current, then you can move forward with adjusting your status or consular processing as soon as your petition has been approved. However, others will have to wait until the final action date passes their priority date in order for their priority dates to be considered current.

How long for interview after priority date is current?

You have one year after your priority date becomes current in the “Application Final Action Dates” chart to pursue your visa or green card. If you do not, the government assumes you have abandoned it, and will give your visa number to the next person in line.

Is receipt date same as priority date?

(1) A priority date is in the form MM-DD-YYYY an underlying application (such as an I-140/I-130 or PERM) was received or approved. These applications cannot have priority dates. (2) A receipt date is usually the date your postmarked application was mailed to USCIS or the date they received and accepted it.

How do I know my priority date for perm?

The priority date is the date the DOL received your Labor Certification (PERM) or I-140 Petition. You can check the Visa Bulletin Here:, and here.

Why is F4 visa so slow?

Limits on F4 Visas The visas are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. If the department receives tons of applications, this might delay the entire process. Further, the lengthy application process and processing time can lead to a delay of one to 10 years before a decision is provided.

What is F24 visa category?

F24. Unmarried son or daughter of lawful permanent resident.

What is F11 visa class?

F11 is the unmarried son or daughter of a USC. The timing for an immigrant visa is based on both the country of birth and the visa classification in reference to the priority date – the date on which the I130 was filed.

What is C21 visa category?

F21 and C21 are both for the spouse of a US permanent resident. The difference between the two is that C21 is issued when the two people have been married for less than 2 years. For someone doing Consular Processing abroad, they become a permanent resident when they enter the US with their immigrant visa.

What type of visa is a permanent resident card?

An immigrant visa is for an alien who plans to live permanently in the United States. This visa must be obtained before traveling to the United States. After entering the country on this visa, the alien will be granted Permanent or Conditional Resident status.

How long does it take for a visa number to become available?

Approval for Immediate Relatives Again, the number of immigrant visas (green cards) issued to immediate relatives of U.S. citizens is unlimited. Most Form I-130 petitions for immediate relatives are approved within a 5 to 9 month time frame, but they can take longer in some cases.

How long does F2a visa take 2020?

The processing time for an F2a visa petition and application can range from 1 – 10 years to due to the annual cap on the number of visas issued.

What visa category are parents of US citizen?

U.S. citizens may sponsor their parents, spouses or children under age 21 for immigrant visas for permanent residence. This category is known as “immediate relatives,” and there is no limit on how many visas can be issued.

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