How do you install a GM torque converter?

How do you install a GM torque converter?

Torque Converter Installation Instructions

  1. always check crankshaft for burrs and out of round.
  2. remove rust with emery and lightly grease pocket receiving torque pilot.
  3. remove paint from converter crank pilot with emery.
  4. pour one quart of ATF into the converter.
  5. check the flex plate for cracks and worn teeth.

Do you put Loctite on torque converter bolts?

I also had the bolts work loose. Avoid the mess with loctite. Yes, One drop of red is all it takes, dont drown them or they really may not come out..

Should you use Loctite on Flexplate bolts?

You ONLY use loctite when you DO NOT torque the bolt. When the bolt streches to the desired length it is immpossible to back out without applying the same amount of force to back it off.

Do you put Loctite on clutch bolts?

Re: Loctite on pressure plate bolts? ( Yes, use Loc-tite and proper torque spec. on said bolts to prevent what you described.

Should you lock tight flywheel bolts?

I would definitely recommend using locktite. You don’t HAVE to. Make sure your bolts are in good shape and torque them to spec… Most stories probably involved people not paying attention and either not using a torque wrench or not tightening all of the bolts completely in the first place.

What is the torque for flywheel bolts?

Small Block Chevy Torque Specs

Fastener Type Torque Spec
Harmonic Damper Bolt 60 ft.-lbs.
Flywheel/Flexplate Bolts 65 ft.-lbs.
Pressure Plate Bolts 35 ft.-lbs.
Bellhousing Bolts 25 ft.-lbs.

Can you reuse flywheel bolts?

Flywheel bolts are reusable as long as they are in good condition. Clean them off, apply red loctite. Good as news and you wont have to spend an extra 60 on new ones.

Can you reuse ARP connecting rod bolts?

Are ARP bolts and studs re-usable? Yes. As long as the fasteners have been installed and torqued correctly, and show no visible signs of damage, they can be re-used. If they show any signs of thread galling or corrosion, they should be replaced.

Can you reuse ARP flywheel bolts?

This set allows you to replace your weak stock flywheel bolts with ultra high tensile strength aircraft grade ARP bolts. The stock bolts stretch during installation so they’re not reusable – this set of bolts is not only reusable but actually costs about half as much as a new set of Toyota bolts.

How many flywheel bolts do you need?

All you really need is one bolt on the flywheel. Just make sure it’s really tight!

Are Flexplate and flywheel bolts the same?

Flexplate bolts are 3/4″ long and flywheel bolts are 1″ long.

Are Flexplate bolts reusable?

Its ok to reuse them, just put a little loctite on them when reinstalling.

Can I use Flexplate bolts on a flywheel?

I’m sure there are some people running flexplate bolts in their flywheels but I wouldn’t recommend doing it. BTW… Flywheel bolts will contact the block in some applications when used through a flexplate.

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