How do you pause God of War 3?

How do you pause God of War 3?

Press the OPTIONS button to pause the game and access the Power Up, Items, Status and Moves menu screens. Press the Q button or the E button to scroll between the screens and press C, V, Z or X to highlight an option.

Does God of War 3 have multiple endings?

Each of the three God of War games had a different director. He pretty much becomes the Grim Reaper at the end of the game and his blades become sickles.” Though GoWIII was supposed to be the end of Kratos’ story arc, Asmussen didn’t rule out his return in future games.

How do you stay alive in Niflheim?

To survive Niflheim, you need to collect Mist Echoes, buy some amazing armor and learn the map to defeat enemies. It’s a loop: fighting, looting, solving Nornir chest puzzles and growing your bank account.

What level should I be for Niflheim?

Before you head to Niflheim though, make sure that you have leveled up, as this maze is no walk in the park. With big challenges ahead like poisonous maze and waves of randomly generated monsters, you’ll want to be at least level six before you attempt this.

Which is the best Niflheim armor?

Mist Armor

Which Atreus armor is best?

While Atreus has a single piece of armor….Best Armor in God of War

  • The Cursed Mist Armor: Boost Strength, Runic, and Defense.
  • The Endless Mist Armor: Boost in Strength, Defense, and Vitality.
  • The Deadly Mist Armor: Boost in Strength, Runic, Defense, and Vitality.

How do you unlock Tyr’s armor?

To receive the recipe for Tyr’s Lost Unity Cuirass Chest Armor in God of War, you have to complete the Dead Freight Wayward Spirit favor. You can start the favor at the Forgotten Caverns dock, once the water drops sufficiently, northwest of Tyr’s Temple, near the head of the World Serpent.

How do I get Zeus armor?


  1. The Cuirass of Zeus is acquired by defeating Sigrun in Midgard.
  2. The Gauntlets of Zeus are acquired by defeating Gondul in Muspelheim.
  3. The War Belt of Zeus is acquired by defeating Hildr in Niflheim.

What Valkyrie is the easiest?


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