How do you translate a page to English?

How do you translate a page to English?

Translate webpages in ChromeOn your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app .Go to a webpage written in another language.At the bottom, select the language you want to translate to. To change the default language, tap More. Chrome will translate the webpage this one time.

How do I automatically translate a page?

Translate webpages in ChromeOn your computer, open Chrome.Go to a webpage written in another language.At the top, click Translate.Chrome will translate the webpage this one time.

How can I translate instantly?

Make sure your Translate app is updated to the latest version by visiting the Play Store, then open Translate. Open the left slide-out menu and tap Settings. Choose Tap to Translate and make sure that Enable Tap to Translate is on.

Is there a way to translate text messages?

When Tap to Translate is on, you can copy text from any app on your Android device and translate it to another language. Tap to Translate can only translate text in an app, not images. Important: Text you’ve copied will be sent to Google for translation only after you tap the Google Translate icon.

How do you translate text on iPhone?

On your iPhone, copy some text you want to translate. Go to your Homescreen. Slide your finger over Paste and translate → [Language] and then let go.

How do I translate in Imessage?

How to translate words and phrasesOpen Translate.Choose two languages.Tap the Microphone button , then speak. If your iPhone isn’t in Silent mode, the translation will automatically speak and appear under the original text.

Is there an app to translate text?

Google has updated its Translate app to include real-time on-screen translations of text you point your camera at. The app is pretty much a 100% free version of Word Lens, an app that blew many a mind when it was launched back in 2010. You don’t even need any kind of Internet connection for it to work.

How do you use Apple translate?

How to Translate Text in Apple’s Translate AppLaunch the Translate app on your iPhone or iPad.Tap the top-left button and select the language of the text that you want translated.Tap Done.Tap the top-right button and select the language that you want the text translated into.Tap Done.

How do I use Google Translate with Imessage?

Translate as you typeOn your iPhone or iPad, install Gboard.Open any app that you can type with, such as Gmail or Keep.Tap an area where you can enter text.At the top of the keyboard, tap Open features menu .Tap Translate .Pick the language to translate from.Pick the language to translate into.Enter your text.

How do I make my iPhone automatically translate?

How to translate a page on an iPhoneDownload the Microsoft Translator from the App Store, and it should automatically become an extension to your Safari app.Open Safari on your iPhone.Tap the Share button at the bottom (the rectangle with an arrow coming out of it).Now:Tap on “Done.”

How do I get WhatsApp to automatically translate?

Open the app you want to use such as Facebook (Messenger), WhatsApp, or text messaging. Tap the + sign at the top of your keyboard. Scroll to the right and tap the Translator logo. Tap ‘I agree’ to allow Microsoft to translate your messages.

Does WhatsApp translate on iPhone?

Android users can now translate languages within an app, while iPhone owners get to translate without an internet connection. Now, if you’re using an app such as WhatsApp, you would simply copy the text within the app and a Google Translate button will appear, giving you the option to translate the text right there.

Is Google Translate free on iPhone?

Google Translate app is a free application for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The app’s 500 million users are able to translate between up to 103 languages in a number of ways.

How do I use Google Translate on WhatsApp?

Open any app. For example, WhatsApp. Highlight the text you want the translation for and then Copy it.A Google Translate icon is displayed on the top right within the app. Tap on it for the translation.As you can see, the translated version of the message text is displayed with the help of Google Translate.

How do I use Google translate without Internet?

Download languages without Wi-FiOpen the Translate app .Tap Menu .Tap Settings .Tap Data usage.Tap Download offline translation files. To always be asked before downloading without Wi-Fi, tap Ask before downloading. To always download with mobile data when you can’t use Wi-Fi, tap Use Wi-Fi or mobile network.

How do you translate a language?

Keyboard Translation To do this on an Android phone, go to Settings and locate the option for keyboards or languages. The menu should have an option that allows you to add new languages, then select the language you need from the list.

Is Google Translate accurate?

While the Google Translate technology is hardly infallible, it’s certainly useful in a pinch to translate a few words or phrases. But despite their best efforts, Google Translate is hardly a reliable and consistent translation solution, especially for businesses.

How can I translate without Internet?

How to use Google Translate offlineOpen the Google Translate app on your tablet or mobile device.Make sure the language you want to download is one of the two that appears at the top of your screen. Tap the language you want to use offline.Tap the Download icon that appears next to the language.

What is the best Offline Translator app?

8 Best Offline Translator Apps for Android and iOSGoogle Translate – The best translation app. Microsoft Translator – Heavily improved translation app. TripLingo – Translation app built for travelers. iTranslate Translator. Translate Now – Translator. Speak & Translate – Translator. Naver Papago – AI Translator. SayHi Translate.

Can you download Google Translate?

To get started, download the Google Translate app for Android. Note: To translate images with your camera in all supported languages, your device must have an auto-focus camera and a dual-core CPU with ARMv7.

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