How do you use latent in a sentence?

How do you use latent in a sentence?

Latent in a Sentence ?

  1. The detective asked the lab technician to search the room for latent fingerprints.
  2. If Janet is anything like her mother, she will show a latent skill for singing when she reaches her teenage years.

What part of speech is latent?


part of speech: adjective
related words: unconscious
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derivations: latently (adv.), latency (n.)

What does latent demand mean?

that is unable to be satisified

What is latent demand tourism?

The third type is latent demand. It relates to the spatial and temporal expression of demand at a specific site, for example, demand for either tourist accommodation or a tourist service at a specific destination.

What is the difference between latent and incipient market?

A latent market is in essence, an undiscovered segment. It is a market in which demand would materialize if an appropriate product were made available. An incipient market is a market that will emerge if a particular economic, demographic, political, or sociocultural trend continues.

What is overfull demand example?

Overfull demand happens when company’s manufacturing capacity is limited but the demand is more than supply. This can be observed in cement industry occasionally.

What is associated with a state of latent demand?

Latent demand- Many consumers may share a strong need that cannot be satisfied by any existing product. There is a strong latent demand for more-efficient vehicles . The marketing task is to measure the size of the potential market and develop effective goods and services that would satisfy the demand.

What are the different types of demands?

7 types of demand are:

  • Price demand.
  • Income demand.
  • Cross demand.
  • Individual demand and Market demand.
  • Joint demand.
  • Composite demand.
  • Direct and Derived demand.

What is negative demand give example?

Negative demand is a type of demand which is created if the product is disliked in general. The product might be beneficial but the customer does not want it. Example of negative demand is a) Dental work where people don’t want problems with their teeth and use preventive measures to avoid the same.

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