How do you write a discussion for a scientific thesis?

How do you write a discussion for a scientific thesis?

Discussion Chapter: Main Goals and Writing Approaches To do this, follow three important suggestions: Answer those questions posed in the introduction (central research questions) Show how the answers are supported by the results. Explain how the answers fit relative to the existing body of knowledge about the subject.

What should I say in a speech?

Here are their tips:Pick Your Main Ideas. Don’t try to put too many ideas into your speech. Write Like You Talk. Remember that you’re writing a speech, not an essay. Use Concrete Words and Examples. Concrete details keep people interested. Get Your Facts Together. Persuade With a Classic Structure. Simplify.

How do you prepare and prepare a good speech?

7 Tips to Prepare Before You Deliver Your SpeechBe Knowledgeable about Your Subject Matter. Know Your Audience. Have a Good Introduction. Know the Image that you Want to Convey. Make Contact with Your Host in Advance. Know Your Practical Strategies for Success. Visualize Your Success.

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