How do you write the word everyday?

How do you write the word everyday?

Everyday vs. Every dayEveryday is an adjective we use to describe something that’s seen or used every day. It means “ordinary” or “typical.”Every day is a phrase that simply means “each day.”

Should you name your diary?

In my opinion, it really does not matter what you call it. Most important is to write regularly, with purpose, intent and honesty. If you have got that going, then the name of your diary could be your own name – because it is an extension of your self. Anne Frank called it ‘Kitty’.

How do you make a homemade notebook?

How to make a notebook from scratch.Start by cutting your scrap paper to size. To make the pages of your notebook fold your paper in half and crease.Run a bone folder over each fold to get a nice sharp edge. Once you’ve got your stack of folded pages you need to place them inside of each other.

How do you make a personal diary lock at home?

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