How does a Victorian reader react to Hyde?

How does a Victorian reader react to Hyde?

The Victorians were deeply concerned about character and they were committed to doing the right thing in a visible fashion. They all wanted their appearance to match their character. Jekyll and Hyde turned these desires upside down and said that people don’t always want to be good and they can want to be bad.

How does Victorian society affect Dr Jekyll?

Since Victorian morals denied the duality of human nature, Dr. Jekyll is forced to hide his dualities. Because he does not have to fear for his reputation, Jekyll can express his suppressed personality as Hyde. The values of the Victorian era forced Dr.

Why might Hyde be frightening for Victorian readers?

Hyde is so terrifying to readers because he is “deformed” — visibly disfigured and physically impaired. She points to Stevenson’s dehumanization of Hyde as “hardly human” and a “disgustful curiosity” — he is not so much a person as something to be feared and hated through the lens of his disfigurement.

How is Victorian London presented in Jekyll and Hyde?

Victorian London was a dramatic place, used extensively as a setting for fiction both at the time and since. Stevenson draws on two well-known features of London: Stevenson uses the fog to create a gloomy, dark atmosphere. The fog could even creep inside buildings, as it does in Jekyll’s cabinet.

How old was the little girl who was trampled on by Hyde?

Suddenly, he saw two figures, a man and a girl about eight years old. They ran into each other, and the man “trampled calmly over the child’s body and left her screaming on the ground.” He cannot forget the “hellish” scene.

What do we learn about the old woman who works for Mr Hyde?

The woman who answers their knock tells them that Hyde is not at home; in fact, last night was the first night that he had been home in nearly two months; “his habits were very irregular.” When Utterson introduces the officer as being from Scotland Yard, he is sure that the old silver-haired woman seems almost to …

Who says ape-like fury?


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