How fast do Indy 500 cars go?

How fast do Indy 500 cars go?

225 miles per hour

Why do they drink milk at the Indy 500?

The tradition started at the Indianapolis 500 by driver Louis Meyer simply requesting buttermilk to quench his thirst after the 1936 race. The following year the Rookie becomes the official Milk Person and is given the honor of handing the ice-cold bottle of milk to the winning driver of the Indy 500.

How many fans allowed Indy 500?


What should I wear to the Indianapolis 500?

Track tip: “Wear a belt or a scarf to dress up a casual outfit. Most of all, be comfortable and confident because that shows through in your outfit. And don’t wear ridiculous heels.”

Can I bring alcohol to the Indy 500?

Purses, backpacks and other bags are permitted. Size is not to exceed 18 inches by 14 inches by 14 inches. Food and beverages are permitted, but no glass containers of any kind are allowed.

Can you bring backpacks to Indy 500?

All coolers and bags must be no larger than 18”x14”x14” in size. Coolers and bags will be checked for both size and contents at each pedestrian gate. Coolers can be hard or soft sided.

Can you bring food to the Indy 500?

Unlike many race tracks, you can bring food and drinks to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! IF PARKING IN THE INFIELD: You can bring large coolers, kegs, charcoal grills, etc. in with your car.

How much beer is sold at the Indy 500?

As far as the ever important concessions go: Coca-Cola products: More than 16,000 gallons, which would fill two tanker trucks. Miller Lite and other beer products: More than 14,000 gallons.

What can you bring into the Indianapolis 500?

In a bag no larger than 18 inches by 14 inches by 14 inches, you may want to bring the following:

  • Tickets.
  • Seat cushion.
  • Umbrella/rain poncho.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Hand-held fan.
  • Hat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Small trash bags.

Where should I sit at the Indy 500?

Like many events, the best seats at the Indy 500 are in large part a matter of personal preference. Typically at race events, the higher up the seats, the better the sightlines. Some of the most coveted seats are in E Penthouse (turn 1) and the suites near the start/finish line.

Where do I park for the Indianapolis 500?

Free parking for Indianapolis 500 practice is located in Lot 7 (North 40). Enter through Gate 10 from 30th Street….

Lot 2 $10 Paid On-Site
Main Gate $10 Paid On-Site
Gate 1 (Parcel B) $20 Paid On-Site
Infield Turn 3 Closed for 2021
Lot 7 (North 40) Free Parking

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