How old is Rev John Jenkins?

How old is Rev John Jenkins?


Where did John Jenkins attend college?

University of Notre DameUniversity of OxfordJesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University

Is Father John Jenkins a Jesuit?

A philosopher trained in theology and a member of Notre Dame’s Department of Philosophy since 1990, Father Jenkins earned undergraduate and advanced degrees from Notre Dame, a doctorate of philosophy from Oxford University, and a master of divinity and licentiate in sacred theology from the Jesuit School of Theology.

Who was John Jenkins?

John Jenkins, (born 1592, Maidstone, Kent, Eng. —died Oct. 27, 1678, Kimberley, Norfolk), composer, lutenist, and string player, most eminent composer in his era of music for chamber ensembles.

How much does the president of Notre Dame make?

John Jenkins, president of the University of Notre Dame, is the highest paid private college president in Indiana. The report is based on 2012 salaries and shows Jenkins was paid $830,119. That is tops in Indiana but ranks 54th in the nation.

Is the president of Notre Dame always a priest?

The president is selected for a renewable 5-year term by the Trustees of the University among the priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Many of the presidents have been Notre Dame alumni….President of the University of Notre Dame.

President of University of Notre Dame
First holder Edward Sorin
Website Office of the President

What religious order is Notre Dame?

Congregation of Holy Cross

What is Notre Dame named after?

Originally Answered: Why is Notre Dame called the fighting Irish when Notre Dame itself is in Paris, France? “Notre Dame” is simply French for “Our Lady.” There are Catholic institutions all around the world named in honor of Our Lady, Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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