How to Pack Your Laptop Bag to Stay Powered up Anywhere You Travel

Can you travel the world with a laptop and a bag? A laptop bag allows you to take your laptop anywhere. Laptop accessories in those bags help your computer stay powered up.

Consumers can choose from various laptop accessories. Some provide valuable features, while other accessories clutter up your laptop bag. Consumers need to strike the proper balance between usability and bag space.

When deciding what to put in your laptop bag, start with these laptop accessories.

Laptop Power Cord

We’ll start with the basics and lead into advanced accessories. The laptop power cord is as basic as it gets. This cord lets you recharge your laptop.

Travelers often panic when they leave their power cords behind. Battery life becomes a more significant concern. Using your laptop sparingly alleviates the problem, but it’s not a suitable solution.

Pack the laptop power cord before anything else. No laptop accessory is as integral as the power cord.

Smartphone Charger

Some would argue smartphone chargers maintain higher importance than laptop power cords. Our smartphones function as mini laptops. We can access the internet, respond to emails, and make phone calls.

The last feature is essential. If you can’t call or text people, you can spend too much time looking around for family members if they wander too far.

Some smartphone chargers can connect to the wall or your computer. If you only have one outlet, you can plug in the laptop’s power cord. Then, you can plug the smartphone into your laptop.

Portable Power Banks

You won’t always find an available plug. Your laptop and smartphone won’t care for your needs if their batteries fall below 10%. A portable power bank addresses this concern.

Portable power banks let you charge your laptop without a connected power cord. This laptop accessory will keep your device running if you find yourself on the go and away from a plug.

Some laptop users cannot afford a power down under any circumstances. Portable power banks provide an extra layer of protection to battery life.

Some laptop users invest in a multiport charger. This accessory lets you charge your laptop and smartphone simultaneously. Why choose between one or the other when you can charge both devices?

Portable Hard Drive

This laptop accessory will make an excellent addition to your laptop bag. Portable hard drives allow you to save data and take it off your computer.

Portable hard drives allow you to keep data safe and increase your computer’s speed. If your laptop gets stolen, you can plug the portable hard drive into a new laptop. You will regain access to your files.

Portable hard drives contain another practical use for travelers. Data on your computer eats up battery life. Transferring data to a portable hard drive reduces its impact on your battery.

A portable hard drive keeps new files safe while extending battery life. That’s why laptop accessories like the portable hard drive deserve a spot in your laptop bag.

Investing in a robust computer hard drive will also preserve your laptop’s battery. If you are looking for a reliable laptop with a strong hard drive, learn more here.

Ethernet Cable

Many laptop users rely on the internet to complete their work. Not every airline or hotel will offer any internet access. Some venues will charge to access their Wi-Fi networks.

Neither of these scenarios bodes well for laptop users. The best-case scenario is a hotel offering complimentary Wi-Fi to its guests. However, this Wi-Fi is on a shared network and comes with security risks.

An ethernet cable gives you control over your internet. Among the tech accessories, this is the best one for ensuring access to the internet.

If you do not want to carry an ethernet cable, make sure you can use your smartphone’s hotspot. Some laptop users rely on their smartphones to power up their laptop’s internet.


Let’s say you need to watch a video for work. However, you are in a public space and don’t want to disturb anyone. Headphones address this issue.

Headphones have helped laptop users for decades. Headphones make it so only you can hear the sound from your laptop. Using headphones while recording gameplay also yields better audio.

Gamers with enough space may also pack a small microphone. For most travel set-ups, a pair of headphones will suffice.

Pen and Paper

Sometimes the old school resources work the best. Jotting thoughts on a pen and paper saves battery life. Pen and paper also come with zero screen glare.

You can plan out projects and take notes on a piece of paper. Writing instead of typing carries significant advantages.

Writing involves deeper cognitive processingĀ than typing. We retain written notes better than typed notes.

Wireless Mouse

Most laptops come with a built-in mouse known as a touchpad or trackpad. Some laptop users will not consider packing a wireless mouse in their laptop bag.

However, a trackpad can cause wrist pain if misused. A wireless mouse presents the same problem but to a lower degree. Some people use a custom wireless mouse to protect from wrist pain.

A wireless mouse won’t take up a lot of space in your laptop bag. The extra addition can help you avoid repetitive movements. Making repetitive movements when clicking can lead to injuries.

Laptop SleeveĀ 

Replacing a laptop is no fun. These devices cost money, and data transfers can become annoying. A laptop sleeve protects your device as you lug it in your laptop bag.

A laptop sleeve keeps your laptop cleaning longer. Your laptop is less susceptible to dust and other particles.

Some laptops take considerable time to clean. A laptop sleeve will save you plenty of time in the long run.

Apple Air Tags

Few scenarios cause as much panic as leaving an accessory at home or in your hotel room. We commonly lose laptop accessories only to learn at inopportune moments.

Apple Air Tags allow you to keep track of your belongings. You can attach Apple Air Tags to essential accessories. Your smartphone will then send you the location of those Air Tags.

You can use the Find My app to locate any belongings with an Apple Air Tag. The tech accessory also protects your belongings from involuntary tracking.

If your iPhone tracks someone else’s Apple Air Tag, your smartphone will notice and send you an alert. This feature discourages unwanted tracking, so you can focus on tracking your belongings.

Portable Monitor

Have you seen computer monitors at an office? Those monitors would never fit in a laptop bag.

Some laptop users feel deprived without a monitor. These laptop users can consider a portable monitor for their laptop bag.

The portable monitor gives gamers a larger screen. One screen can contain the gameplay, while another screen can feature the chat. Gamers often rely on multiple screens to produce compelling content.

USB C Port Hub

Smaller laptops often come with few ports. A USB C Port Hubs accessory gives your laptop additional USB C Ports.

The hub attaches to one of your computer’s USB C ports. That hub contains connectors for several USB C Ports.

If your gaming setup requires several USB C Ports, this accessory is essential. As a side note, some computers come with special USB C Port adaptors.

New MacBook laptops do not contain traditional USB C Ports. MacBook users must bring their USB C Port adaptor to use anything that requires a USB C Port.

If your laptop has USB C Ports, the custom adaptor does not apply to you. However, it’s still helpful to add a USB C Port Hub to your laptop bag.

Kensington Lock

What if someone steals your laptop? It’s an unpleasant thought, but it can happen anywhere. A Kensington lock discourages thieves from taking your device.

These tech accessories are special locks designed to protect tech equipment. You can use this accessory to safeguard laptops, monitors, and other accessories.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Using a touch screen to type can get cumbersome. You may not have this issue with your laptop, but it’s prevalent among tablets.

A Bluetooth keyboard connects with a laptop or tablet. You can comfortably type on the keyboard instead of tapping away at your screen.

Packing Your Laptop Bag

A laptop bag contains essential accessories. This bag gives you structure on your travels. You don’t want to stress about preserving your gaming set-up and saving power on your laptop.

Most laptop users only need a few accessories. However, they all go a long way in enhancing your travel experience.

What is inside your laptop bag? Did any of these laptop accessories strike your interest? Let us know in the comments below.


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