How to Select a Slot Game to Your Liking

The online casino industry offers thousands of slots, and their range is regularly updated. At first glance, with such a variety, it is easy to get confused. However, for each player, the selection criteria are individual.


Someone is attracted by bright graphics on the Zodiac Casino site, someone is interested in the rate of return or the possibility of big wins. But even the most experienced and selective gamblers will surely find a lot of slots to their liking. There are several main parameters that you can pay attention to when choosing a game.

Criteria for choosing slots

For users to be able to get acquainted with gaming slots as comfortably as possible, a demo mode is available for most games. You will be able to study the visual component and the mechanics of the game and even try to create your own winning strategy.


The sites feature games on a variety of topics. It can be classic, fruits, fairy tales and legends, or plots of popular films. Each player can pick something according to their preferences. Of course, the theme can hardly be called the main selection criterion; for most gamblers, the device of the slot is still more important. However, a vivid story game can pleasantly diversify the process.

Number of reels

The most common in casinos are slot machines with three and five reels, each of which has three symbols (there are also slots with a different number, but they are rare). Slot machines with five reels are the most common today. The ones that limit the number to three are more classic — that’s what the first physical slot machines were like. If ease of play is an essential criterion for you, you should choose from the latter category.

Special symbols

To add more interest to the game process, developers often add one or more special characters. There are three most common symbols in online casino games:


  • bonus symbol,
  • wild, and


As a rule, three of these symbols trigger free spins with multipliers. The wild symbol is very useful as it can replace the missing symbol for a winning combination. The bonus symbol is not so significant, but a certain number of bonus symbols trigger a mini-game that is dedicated to the theme of the slot.

Number of pay lines

In most gaming slots, the number of pay lines is from 5 to 20. The game involves a strictly defined number of combinations, and the player picks only a bet on one spin. It is easy to get acquainted with similar game nuances on the site in the demo mode of the game.

Risk games

For those players who want to experience real excitement and a new level of emotions, the creators include a special level in most games — the risk game. Often this can be the simplest poker game, where you have to guess the highest value of the card or its colour. Such a bonus game is quite risky and is suitable primarily for lovers of true adrenaline.


Even in the huge online gambling market, users can easily choose something that suits them perfectly. The tastes of the players differ. Therefore, online platforms strive to offer users the widest possible range, so even the most demanding player will find a game to their liking.


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