Individuals and powers in the face of the sects

Individuals and authority in the face of the cults, a book of Nathalie Luca (Armand Colin, collection ” Societal “, September 2008, 280 pages, 25€)

This book on the sects, which continues the work carried out by Nathalie Luca in several of his books1, offers a new perspective on the phenomenon of sects. It is not indeed to speak of the sects as such, but to bring attention to the companies that appoint as well. Because the movements are designated as such by the public authorities vary from one country to another, because of the danger of groups is the subject of a different assessment according to the company, it is important to analyze the designation by a government and its institutions to a phenomenon as a cult. How to understand the differential response in the face of the sects without analyzing the society in which these religious movements developed and the way in which they can challenge certain elements of the definition of the nation ? Nathalie Luca makes the assumption that when the State comes to treat a group as a cult, is that it is competitive entry, in conflict with the values of the community of citizens in which the State is the guarantor. The sect is a group that promotes values that lead the one who adheres to a rupture, or at a distance with his society of birth. The split reads in terms of identity and conducted social.

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